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Kingston's Shana Falana Covers Depeche Mode


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In the wake of her well-received 2016 sophomore album Here Comes the Wave, Kingston’s Shana Falana has continued to make, well, waves across the indie underground. Before hitting the road for her current US tour, while she and her companion/drummer Michael Amari take a break from working on the followup in the studio, Falana released a video for one of the upcoming album’s tracks: a cover of the 1986 Depeche Mode single “Stripped.”

“I've loved Depeche Mode forever,” Falana says. “When writing this new album, I realized we’re heading in a darker, goth-ier direction, and this track felt like a sister song to the ones I was writing. Not overtly political, but the ‘make decisions without your televisions’ line still feels relevant. We had fun recreating the layers of icy ’80s synths with our producer Dan Goodwin at the Isokon studio in Woodstock, and then keeping it in our own world sonically with fuzzed-out, droning guitars on the last chorus. I was a teenager when this song was released and can remember how dark, mysterious, and sexy it was to me at the time...Our new record will be focusing on the darkness and the light in all of us, the ugliness and the beauty of who we are, and this track is the perfect introduction to those human complexities.”

And on that note, let’s check it out:

Shana Falana is on tour in the US through December 5. For tour dates and other information, visit

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