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Kingston Portrait Pop-Up 2022 

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On September 8, Chronogram held a pop-up portrait shoot at Keegan Ales on St. James Street in Kingston. Kingstonians responded to the call and showed up in force to represent their city and be photographed by David McIntyre. Thanks to all who came out and to Lisa Hantes and everyone at Keegan Ales for hosting us.
OF 29
Yungchen Lhmao, singer-songwriter
Michael Bisio, musician
Bryant Drew Andrews, executive director, Center for Creative Education
Joe Concra, painter and cofounder of O+ Festival
Sima Dhesi, volunteer with A. J. Williams-Meyers African Roots Center
Members of the Dutch Guard, FC Stockade’s supporter group. Top row (left to right): Anthony Saullo, Kim Tesoriero, Marian Elflein, Scott McIntosh, Bradley Delmar, Lorenzo Galante. Bottom row: Christine Campbell, Skye, Mellisa Higgins
Fred Lonberg-Holm, musician
Ivan Lajara, Senior Editor at the Daily Freeman
Laura Crimmins, co-music director of O+ Festival
Lee Anne Albritton, Ulster County Habitat for Humanity ReStore manager
Aditi Goswami, owner of Calcutta Kitchens
Bartek Starodaj, director of Housing Initiatives for the City of Kingston, pictured with Ann Starodaj, Roman Starodaj, and Lena Starodaj
Addie Smock and Brian James, librarians at the Kingston Library
Hope Mathews and Charles Mathews, co-owners of Chleo wine bar
Lauren Aitken, co-owner of Headstone Gallery and Headstone Ceramic Casting
Chase Folsom, co-owner of Headstone Gallery and Headstone Ceramic Casting
Dawn Bisio, artist
Eryn Stutts, chef/owner of Pakt
Felix Castro, trainer at the YMCA of Kingston and Ulster County
Jaguar Mary X, filmmaker and ritual performance artist
Jess Davis, director of membership for Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce
Maureen Byrd-Blue and John Allen Blue, co-owners of Blue Byrd’s Haberdashery & Music
Molly Sterrs, local rabble rouser and party starter
Samantha Liotta, Business Services Administrator for Ulster County Economic Development, pictured with C. J. Liotta
Sarah Litvin, executive director of the Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History
Stephen Blauweiss and Karen Berelowitz, authors of The Story of Historic Kingston, pictured with Henry Berelowitz
Steve Noble, mayor of Kingston;
Karen Ruiz Leon, administrative assistant at La Voz magazine
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Yungchen Lhmao, singer-songwriter

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