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Jupiter Crosses the Threshold


Last Updated: 07/16/2014 2:41 pm

Jupiter has left Cancer, having ingressed Leo Wednesday, July 16, at 6:30 am. Jupiter had been in Cancer since June 25, 2013.

This is a big change for everyone, but especially for those with strong Sagittarius or Pisces in their charts (the signs ruled by Jupiter) and people with strong fixed cross energy (such as Leo or Aquarius). It’s also a big step in dissolving the cardinal cross that we’ve been living with all year.

Normally Jupiter in Cancer would have been considered entirely positive, partly because Jupiter has strong dignity in that sign. However, by its last days in Cancer, it was feeling more like a suit of armor that we no longer need—such as emotional padding, extra weight, or a buffer of some kind.

Any major planet at the edge of a sign feels edgy, like something is ready to give way to a new experience—and now we’ve crossed that threshold. Jupiter in Cancer has indeed served as a buffer against Mars retrograde passing through the Uranus-Pluto square, which might have stirred up a lot more trouble had Jupiter not been there doing its thing.

Yet the perimeter that Jupiter helped us hold open is also insulation from contact. In our moment, that’s considered a benefit by many people who prefer to “communicate” by text message or experience life primarily in video format. My sense is that Jupiter in Leo is going to free up some space for those who want to move around more freely. Leo is an expressive rather than receptive sign — Jupiter in Leo has something to offer.

The potential failing of Jupiter in Leo is pride.

Standoffishness. Snootiness. Elitism. We see a lot of that in the world. I wish I knew the degree to which this was a conscious choice of affect — from what I gather it’s probably intentional for most people who use it. It’s also ridiculous, and a way of announcing that one feels they have accomplished so little that they must in some way compensate by seeming bigger or more aloof than they are.

It’s far more productive to drop your guard and commit yourself to some form of learning, growth, or development of a talent—though that implies movement and change.

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