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June Astrological Forecast: Sergeant Joe Friday vs. Pontius Pilate


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Just the facts, ma'am! But are facts real? June astrological forecast shows a battle between Sergeant Joe "Just the facts, ma'am!" Friday, and Pontius Pilate, who rhetorically asked Jesus, "What is truth?"

A tremendous sense of doubt pervades our world, both public and private. Foundational structures we believed would never crumble are being stress-tested, and society's collective anxiety is reaching a fever pitch. It's never as contagious as it is during this month, which begins with the Sun and Mercury in chatty, information-gathering Gemini. Emotional stakes are raised at the new moon in Gemini June 3 and relationship-oriented Venus in Gemini doubles-down after June 8. In both the private and public realm, information is the premium and the prize. But can we trust the data? How do we know what is true?

Expansive Jupiter in blunt, truth-telling (exaggeration-prone) Sagittarius conjuncts the full moon June 16-17, squaring idealistic Neptune in dreamy (illusionary) Pisces. Possibilities of delusional perceptions are enlarged; the borders between idealism and fanaticism may dissolve. Mercury, Mars, and the North Node conjunct in protective, security-minded Cancer, opposite Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in cautious, practical Capricorn. Some may manifest personal courage protecting their homes, families, and communal institutions. Some will demonstrate zealotry with words and some with swords.

The fighting is about the definition of reality, both personal and public. What is our reality check when the data is in question? What do we know to be true about ourselves without doubt? Do we recognize gaslighting when we see it? Neptune's retrograde on the Summer Solstice, June 21, invites us to inventory our ideals and beliefs. Summon your inner Sergeant Joe Friday to gather just the facts, ma'am, and arrest your inner Pontius Pilate. Don't let that cynical doubter or the noise of the crowd obscure your own inner truth.

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