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July Astrological Forecast: Eclipse Season Builds Trust Muscles



Eclipse Season Builds Trust Muscles

July is eclipse season. Light, which is consciousness, is hidden and re-revealed, making our perceptions qualitatively different than they were before.

The solar eclipse at the New Moon in Cancer on July 2 and the lunar eclipse at the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 16 contain powerful precursors to the highly anticipated conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020. The Full Moon eclipses Saturn opposite Venus in tender, nurturing Cancer on July 16 as well. The energetic conditions of July set the stage for this globally significant and personally meaningful event next year. What you do right now matters.

The great danger here is a total eclipse of the heart; the great opportunity here is the breakdown of ego defenses and protective layers, allowing a deeper and more profound intimacy than ever before. The metadrama of this month is the redemption of valuable and healthy expressions of male and female energy from the trap of toxic masculinity and femininity. Everything depends on how prepared we are to trust ourselves and each other.

Mercury's retrograde July 7-31 winds words back to mid-June. Honor demands that promises made are kept. Resources to fulfill those promises may feel scarce but trust-building requires a presumption of benevolence, which Mercury conjunct Mars in Leo on July 8 confidently provides. Mars square Uranus July 11 brings surprising suitors and unusually dramatic declarations of intentions, both honorable and otherwise; trining Jupiter July 25 emboldens the acquisition of that obscure object of desire. Venus in Cancer July 3-27 empowers the feminine; and opposite Saturn on July 16, she demands acknowledgement, respect, and commitment; conjunct Mercury July 24 at the last Quarter Moon in Taurus, she inspires faithful, supportive, and nurturing love. Doubt delivers "fake news" but trust your heart to discern the real, reject the toxic, and desire the healthy and good.

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