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New York’s 2018 state primary is fast approaching. On September 13, voters will choose the gubernatorial and legislative candidates they want to see on the ballot in November. All eyes are on the race for governor between incumbent Andrew Cuomo and actress-turned-politician Cynthia Nixon. But the primaries are about more than this big-ticket race—head to the polls next week and you’ll also have a hand in selecting new candidates for State Senate.

Rosendale resident Jen Metzger is a Democratic candidate seeking election in the State Senate’s 42nd District to replace R. John Bonacic, who announced his retirement earlier this year. Metzger, a Rosendale Town Councilwoman and mother of three, has built her campaign around affordable, guaranteed healthcare for all; a strong public education system that is funded fairly; a clean energy economy that provides good local jobs while protecting the environment; and getting big money out of politics.


As rollbacks on environmental protections, women’s reproductive rights, and the Affordable Care Act come out of Washington, this is an important election for Democrats. New York is one seat away from a working Democratic majority, so electing Metzger into State Senate could be major for passing progressive state legislation. Metzger supports the following bills:

Reproductive Health Act (RHA), which would establish Roe v. Wade as state law

New York Health Act (NYHA), which would create a single-payer system in New York similar to Medicare for All, lowering costs and providing healthcare coverage for everyone

Liz Kreuger Bill, an anti-corruption constitutional amendment that establishes an independent commission to conduct investigations within legislative and executive branches of state government

Child Victims Act (CVA), which would extend the statute of limitations for reporting child sex abuse, so individuals who have experienced abuse as a minor can pursue justice (Brad Hoylman Bill)


In the past, Metzger has fought to make utility costs more fair and affordable, helped local governments conserve energy and taxpayer dollars through her organization Citizens for Local Power, and successfully organized dozens of town councils to fight against crude oil pipelines from endangering the community.

Dedicated to anti-corruption, Metzger is not taking campaign money from corporations. Her most popular donation amount is $10, and she has outraised her Republican opponent 3-1, receiving almost 1,300 individual contributions.

Learn more about Jen Metzger, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and most importantly, show up to the polls on September 13 and vote.

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