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January 2022 Astrological Forecast

Someone's Ceiling is Another's Floor


High-resolution MVIC image of Pluto in enhanced color to bring out differences in surface composition
  • High-resolution MVIC image of Pluto in enhanced color to bring out differences in surface composition

2022 upon us! Will things get better? Worse? Weirder? Epochs don’t shift overnight, but the inexorable changes shredding the status quo have their consequences; many manifesting this year. With two competing realities loudly vying for claims to the truth, someone’s ceiling is another’s floor.

Expansive Jupiter in dreamy Pisces through mid-May increases faith in some, enhances fanaticism in others. With traditional ruler Jupiter and modern ruler Neptune heading for their Piscean rendezvous in April, both work in tandem to obscure the starkest versions of reality from those who prefer rose-colored glasses to telescopic lenses. The upside for the open-hearted: an abundance of compassion and empathy helps to heal relationship rifts developed over the polarizing politics of the last few years. Mercury Retrograde January 14 begins an extended trigger of the sensitive Zodiacal area already traumatized by the planetary mashups of 2020/2021. Pluto, planet of destruction and renewal, is conjunct by Sun January 16 and Mercury Retrograde January 28. Escalating rhetoric widens chasms between extremists on all sides. As the USA prepares for her first-ever Pluto Return in February, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

The Full Moon in security-conscious Cancer January 17 precedes the shifting Lunar Nodal axis from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio January 18. Everyone must identify and define what is exclusively theirs and what is shared with others in common. Identity-driven communities struggle with us-vs-them values, valuables, resources, and possessions. Uranus direct January 18 at this critical juncture throws a surprising wildcard into the mix. Rigidity under threat or pressure perceives flexibility as chaos. Venus direct January 29 continues her journey through Capricorn through early March. Practical magic is needed more now than ever. Save your sanity by channeling both frustration and creative expression into material form now; perfection not required.

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