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Intuitive News Flash: Mercury Retrograde and an Aries Moon


Last Updated: 01/21/2015 12:39 pm
  • Amanda Painter

Mercury stationed retrograde in Aquarius Wednesday—but then, your wiggy computer/lost keys/misdialing phone may have already alerted you to that fact. Over the weekend, the Moon’s progress through Aries will likely spice things up (in a good way!).

First, a quick review of basic Mercury retrograde protocols:

  • Don’t make assumptions about: unanswered emails, the tone of someone’s text to you, your bank balance, the location/time of an event, or that you were understood correctly.
  • Do try to: find a workaround to tech/electronic problems; reduce unnecessary spending; negotiate to sign contracts after Mercury stations direct on February 11 (if possible); pay particular attention to inner messages about the past, memories, recurrent themes, and any new thoughts you might have about old group dynamics (that last one’s particular to Aquarius).

Against that background, the Aries Moon could be an interesting critter. It enters Aries at 8:31 am EST Saturday (tonight’s dreamy Pisces Moon is ripe for enjoying music/art, romance and emotionally sensitive exchanges).

There’s not a lot of tension in the sky currently, but depending on how things are aspecting your personal astrology (birth chart), it’s worth keeping your antennae up for temper flare-ups and impetuous decisions. Throwing the computer against the wall will not find that missing file; combustive knee-jerk reactions will not smooth out miscommunication with your friends/lover/Facebook acquaintances.

That said, the presence of the Sun and Venus (along with retrograde Mercury) in Aquarius are bolstering a more detached, intellectual tone in the atmosphere than you might feel other times of the year. And since that Aries Moon will not be encountering much resistance or friction from other planets, its conjunctions to Uranus and minor planet Eris enjoy a greater measure of creative potential.

The Aries Moon conjunct Uranus could be the intuitive flash you need for unorthodox problem solving. Square Pluto in Capricorn, that could mean the ground is prepared for the change (especially if you can get the wheels turning without any significant outlay of cash for three weeks).

Moon-Uranus in Aries is great for spontaneous creativity, and for letting yourself do what you didn’t expect yourself to do (but there’s the opportunity, and—boom—there you go!). Eric Francis reminded me that as the Moon moves into its conjunction to Eris, the stage is set to:

  • Give your real opinion and see what happens...(omfg!)
  • Experiment with who you are, from the inside out.
  • Be provocative, playful, in your face—for fun.

The myth for Eris does also have its shadow side. Depending on your current frame of mind (such as if you’re struggling with the winter blues at all), it’s worth watching out for feelings of being left out of weekend social activities.

So before you decide you’ve been slighted and make vague, passive-aggressive remarks on social media, consider that retrograde Mercury might have interfered with your invitation, and reach out to the people you’d really like to connect with. Chances are, they’ll ask you to join in—maybe they thought they already did.

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