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Interview with Marianne Williamson

Last Updated: 08/13/2013 4:35 pm

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One of my favorite quotes from your book The Gift of Change: Spiritual Guidance for a Radically New Life is “The fact we think love is a fierce and awesome power doesn’t mean we’re wimpy thinkers.”
There are those who would denigrate a conversation about love as a broadscale social source of good. But would they denigrate Martin Luther King about it, or Gandhi? While it is easy to mock those who repudiate the dominant cultural conversation, the alternative conversation—a new, sustainable image of the world in which cooperation, sharing, and love are the bottom line—is indeed becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, and more obviously relevant to the times in which we live.

Love is a radical stance. The Course in Miracles talks about how a thought system based on fear dominates the consciousness of the human race, and has for ages. Gandhi said the problem with the world is that humanity is not in its right mind, and what is considered reasonable is arguably insane. Just look at the number of bombs on the planet. So to be considered sane is to go along with a status quo worldview that would be labeled insane.

It has always been true of people at the forefront of change—those who said we should abolish slavery, or give women the right to vote—that at the time, they are considered fringe, crazy people. We should not let that stop us from making love, rather than economics, the bottom line. Anyone who thinks we can continue as a human race the way we are now, with greed and domination and economic obsession as the organizing principles of human civilization as they are today, is naïve.

Your books have had such a strong following. That alone gives me hope, because it means that many people want to hear, and are being touched by, your messages about love. I wish everybody had the courage to act on those messages as they go about their day.
I think we are living in a time where it isn’t about theology, it’s about experience. The change of this time isn’t coming about because of soloists but because of a choir of people, each rising up out of the neurotic, narcissistic tendencies that have been holding us back. We might not all get to be enlightened masters, but while we are walking a serious spiritual path, being more loving and forgiving, compassionate, in service, and devoted to the possibilities for humanity in the future, we are collectively moving forward.

There are also very regressive forces that abound, and sometimes it feels there is a race for time going on, like the Titanic racing to the iceberg. However, we have the capacity as human beings to make a leap past what was probable when our minds were more narrow, into what is possible when our minds expand and our health expands, and we have more openness. With those internal dynamics, we will create something more beautiful than anything we can imagine, for us and for our children and for our grandchildren.

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