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Last Updated: 01/12/2021 1:29 pm
  • Photo by Eileen Brady Nelson
  • Simone Eisold

Much like the spaces she cultivates, Simone Eisold's journey through the design world has been organic. Born in Germany, her childhood was shaped by the surrounding mountain scenery and a family of architects and furniture designers. After earning her degree in fashion design, she worked for 25 years in Germany, Italy, and New York for luxury menswear brands like Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Canali, and Paul & Shark.

Six years ago, Eisold decided to pivot to interior design—a natural bend in her career path that draws on her varied history with the design world. Her disparate influences make appearances across all her projects, which effortlessly balance new and old, natural and manufactured. "It all ties together," she says. "For me, design exists in so many different areas. It's not just one kind of design stops here and another starts there." 

  • Photo by Ann Stratton Photography

As a result of her years in menswear, Eisold's interiors often emphasize the role that texture can play. It shows up in her choice of highly tactile upholstery; the interplay of color and pattern on the walls (aptly, her partner is also a painter who specializes in high-end interior finishes); and vignettes that highlight contrasts, like a collection of foraged branches in a piece of minimal pottery. "I love that mix of a very beautiful modern element and something found in nature," Eisold says. 

Eisold often brings her finely tuned aesthetic to real estate—partnering with to stage homes for sale or working with families who have relocated and need help navigating the region's network of contractors and craftspeople, as she did with a recent whole-house design project in New Paltz. 

  • Photo by Simone Eisold

Eisold's sketchbook is her constant companion, which she uses to illustrate changes for clients in real time. "That has been such a great point of connection," she says. "Hand-drawing in the age of computers is such a powerful tool."  

While larger projects give Eisold the space to connect with her clients over a period of months, she also relishes shorter, high-impact jobs, too. Whether it's an overdue kitchen renovation or meeting for a few hours to discuss paint colors or what size rug you should select for the living room, she simply enjoys helping people craft their nests with thought and care.

"COVID has changed the importance and meaning of home," Eisold says. "Something as simple as sitting on a favorite chair can comfort us and make us feel safe. These past months, being at home more has made a lot of people realize they want to change some things. What better time to find comfort in your own home than now?"

  • Photo by Simone Eisold
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