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Imagine You Are Infinite


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1. Imagine that I dream you in technicolor
In sweeping whites and reds
And the color of your eyes matches the trunks of the trees behind you
And the soil beneath your feet
And the park bench we sit on
Feeding sky-blue pigeons.

2. Imagine that you are the sea, and I am the shore
And you are crashing against me with waxing and waning ferocity
Imagine that parts of me wash away when you leave
Bits and pieces plucked away in the wash
Coming back smoother and smaller when you are done with them.

3. Imagine that the sky is beneath your feet
And that when you look down you can see constellations in the tiles on your floor
There is one for you
And one for me
And we are a jumbled amalgamation of stars
Too indistinct to make out where we differ from one another.

4. Imagine that we fall asleep together
With our backs touching
And our breaths matching
And our heartbeats falling into a slow, steady rhythm
Like grandfather clocks placed against the same wall.


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