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How About Not Trying To Get Over On People?


Last Updated: 04/03/2014 10:02 am
  • Eric Francis

The concept of the boundary of truth, especially in Pisces, is an important one. That is, what agreement do you have with yourself regarding your acceptable standard of truth? Does that boundary shift depending on the truth you are offering versus the truth you are willing to receive? What are your personal ethics about that?

Too often people act as though, since they can do something without consequence, they might as well.

This weekend Venus leaves Aquarius to enter Pisces at 4:31 pm EDT, where it joins the centaur planet Nessus. Boundaries, merging and questions of truth and power—namely, why we so often use our power over others simply because we can—are coming into focus now.

It’s easy to trample someone’s boundaries if you’ve lost sight of where you end and another person begins. You’d have a harder time proving "conscious intent" in such a situation, but that doesn’t make it okay. Even more insidious is that often people know exactly what they are doing to another person, and lie to themselves about it.

Venus-Nessus in Pisces says: take conscious care of your boundaries. At its most basic, a boundary is an agreement. Boundaries between properties are agreements between the property owners involved as to where one person’s land ends and another’s begins.

In your relationships, it’s an understanding or agreement as to where you (your emotions, baggage, desires, needs, fears, goals, etc.) end and another person begins. This would include such things as: being aware of your most basic needs for time, space, food and water, and respecting those basic needs in others; understanding how you need to be treated; remembering that you are you, and that other person is still that other person.

Have you ever noticed the tendency in a relationship to "lose" yourself? That is, lose your sense of identity to some degree? Or maybe you’ve noticed the flip side of that: feeling like ‘less of a person’ if you don’t have a partner? These are common ways we merge with others and dissolve our own integrity.

Unfortunately, that kind of merging is a form of giving up your power—which can translate into the power to transgress against another person, to transgress the boundary of truth. If we’re willing to be honest with ourselves, this weekend presents prime astrology to get a clearer sense of these slippery boundaries within ourselves and in our relationships.

The good part about getting clear on it? Once we have strong boundaries where it counts, we get to open ourselves to love and creative sharing in ways that benefit all involved, rather than treating our relationships like zero-sum games.

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