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Last Updated: 08/13/2013 4:44 pm
Aries (March 20-April 19)
Breaking free is the theme of this moment, and it will take all your experience of the past two years to do so, as long as you have the confidence that you can. Breaking free of what? Well of course, the social expectations that keep more people trapped in their role, mode, frame of mind, and geographic location than I care to imagine. You seem to be relating to the world as the underdog, and in the coming weeks, as Mars makes its once per two-year conjunction to Chiron, the stars favor those who tend to feel less favored, particularly in certain social aspects of life. For example, this strongly favors those such as yourself who can abide by rules only if you helped create them. Indeed, the rules do need to change, and you appear to be one who is noticing this—and who is willing to do something about it. Remember that your strength comes from awareness and strategy, rather than from brute power, be it mental or physical.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
Before Venus finds its way through Aries into your birth sign and its home sign, much happens—to you and to those around you. It would appear that a close friend or partner is going through a significant change of some kind, perhaps a coming of age, a social debut, or a process of total reinvention. You seem to be in a supporting role, able to provide enough grounded feedback to at least ease their mind about the intensity of it all, the risks involved, and the peculiar challenges involved in really living out their idea of individuality. The more present you are, the more you may get the feeling you don’t exist or are not part of the story—but that set of facts has yet to manifest. Keep doing what feels right to you, and trust that before long, indeed, around the first day of spring, you will know where you stand; you will find a sense of direction, and a sense of home.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
I’m having some difficulty describing your astrology this month. Maybe you’re having a similar experience thinking about your life, or your sense of connection to it all. Something is getting awfully, well, big is the first word that comes to mind, and intense is another. Not too poetic, I know. Big and intense, as in significant and focusing rapidly. Anyway, the point is you have the power to shape your life through your ability to envision your life. Architects know that all buildings start with plans on paper, but others are perhaps less inclined to respect the might of sketches and schematics. Now imagine your consciousness has a property like that; you can work “in theory” or “in principle” using what are called morphogenetic fields—the flexible but highly stable psychic architecture of the world we live in, including the way that soul morphs into a person, which in turn expresses itself in the world in an ongoing creative process. Draw and sketch consciously; work with awareness; remember your eraser.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Eclipses are blowing through town, a time in the life of any Cancerian when events arrive with that once-in-a-world feeling. To you more than to most, eclipses feel like going through a series of gateways, though what you may not be so clear about is how your journey ripples out into the world and shapes what you think of as destiny, including that of the people closest to you. Couple this with a lot of intensity in your 8th house, Aquarius, the one governing the nitty-gritty of your relationships and your community. You are connected to it; it is connected to you; there is an absolutely rare alchemy happening where the part you play in the drama of life is transforming even as you notice what it is. Nervous would be a natural feeling for now, but don’t waste your energy being anything but cool and calm. Even if you freak out a little, do it in a mindful and straightforward fashion. By this time next month, you will be mayor.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)
It’s a good thing you’re a confident person, because any other kind of kitty would be hiding on the bedroom closet shelf. Who are all these people and how did they get into your life? Why are they all looking at you like you know everything? Stranger yet, why do they all seem like Titans and are still looking at you like you know everything? Don’t let on that you don’t. Listen carefully and give them back the best advice you hear them giving themselves. Remember that the real order of reality has yet to reveal itself, and it looks a lot different than the past. Take some of your own counsel from someone not directly involved, and who has a sense of humor. You’re in a position to profit wildly from the advances others make, and that you helped them make. Say as little as possible: save it up for the one beyond-brilliant idea you have simmering like a great invention about to happen or discovery about to be made.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
Mercury retrograde constantly keeps the world wondering what you’re about to do next. Given that you have recently done quite a few exciting things, those around you may not be expecting your upcoming maneuver any more than you are; but all the others have led up to this one, in such a way as you have personally yet to recognize. You’ve been too busy keeping up with one detail after the next, and one small breakthrough leading to another, to see the whole scenario working itself out on so many different levels. While you will indeed notice, you may want to do something soon that shifts your perspective before that occurs: go someplace new, move all your projects to a room with a different view, listen only to classical music for a week, or watch a new movie every night, ones that you’ve never seen. Meditate on unfamiliarity, and let your mind drift into the abstract. There and then, the light will dawn.


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