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Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Your moment, or a great moment, has arrived. It is however a time when you must be certain you’re more committed to success than to struggle. I know, this is not easy, mainly because few people recognize the issue in such simple terms. For most, the concept would seem like wishful thinking, which does not get the bills paid. For you, it is the only necessity. Ease and flow are indicative of a state of mind, not a particular result in the external world. Like all water sign people, it’s vital that you proceed with your life from the inside out: from your feelings, then extending into the world. Everything—and I do mean everything—emanates from your emotional core and ripples outward into your perception and experience. This, in turn, becomes the magnet that draws the life you want toward you. Stay close to your inner tides, your moods, your movements of energy. Pay attention to the elusive issue of balance, and remember that you are living on the planet in a time when very nearly everything and everyone is out of balance. Note carefully how your feelings change as the new season develops. In order to achieve the breakthrough that you seem destined to make, you are going to be inclined to push your mind into overdrive. Think, but think gently. Feel, and feel boldly.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
There are two kinds of fantasies: the idle ones, that are more like wishes, and the ones where you summon your deepest creativity and activate the power of your imagination. As a Leo, you are much more inclined to the second type, especially now. Consider for a moment that your thoughts actually have creative power. Consider that they are like blueprints that establish the pathways of your psychic architecture. One reason this is not a popular theory is because if it’s true, we might be concerned that fear would have the same power to create negativity. I don’t think this is true; rather, I think that fear serves mostly to block creative power, waste energy, and distract us, rather than to create specific negative outcomes. What you need to remember is that fear and creativity have a distinct relationship. The more creative potency we apply to a situation, the more fear we are likely to stir up and will need to process. This willingness to work with fear rather than against it is often the line between true and false creativity. So keep shining your light. Pour it into the shadows, and look for the many ways there is simply nothing there—then collect all that energy that was holding you back from envisioning the future and taking action to create it.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
You have a right to change who you are, and you’ve probably decided the time to do so is now. Indeed, it would appear that you have embarked on one of the most detailed and energetic self-improvement programs of your life. Before you get too far, I would propose that changing who you are is not nearly as important as revisioning how you feel about yourself. Notably, the influences that are pushing you, and pushing you so hard, to improve yourself are likely to be sending you negative, conflicted, or frustrated signals. Another set of influences is encouraging you to accept yourself exactly as you are right now. I recognize the difficulty of this paradox, and I know how pervasive it is in spiritual and self-help circles. The whole game seems to be founded in the need to change, and is activated by acceptance. But we don’t necessarily see that acceptance is the form of change that makes all others possible. Obviously, putting yourself under a lot of pressure does not work. If, however, you discover that you are already under some enormous psychic pressure or carrying what seems to be a burden you don’t understand, that is a sign that you need to switch methods. You may not recognize that what you are going through now is indeed a burden, even though may feel it is a virtue.


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