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ARIES (March 20-April 19)

If you are experiencing your potential more like a violent tug than a gentle ascent to grandeur, look for where you’re resisting internally. Around you there is nothing but opportunity. No glass ceiling separates you from the sky; no walls or locked door divides you from the terrain of existence that is spreading out around you. Yet what is developing internally is calling you to match any possibility you might hope for in the world with an inner revolution. One will make way for the other. For the most part, people are willing to live unconsciously, or they insist on doing so because awareness is too painful, or too much of a hassle. The most profound ignorance does not involve worldly knowledge, but, rather, is that which veils who we are from ourselves. This is what you are being called upon to let go of, and, admittedly, this takes some guts. You may feel like you have to release some aspect of denial all at once, and if that happens you may fear you’re going to be left in totally unfamiliar territory, with no sense of orientation. Even if this were possible, you would be a lot better off experiencing that than attempting to sort out your life one grain of rice at a time.

TAURUS (April 19-May 20)
As a stunning New Moon sweeps through your birth sign this month, I suggest you ask yourself one question: Is what you want based on what you want, or is it based on some extreme external conditioning? One’s work or mission must be based on an inner process in order to be authentic. While it’s impossible to sort out all external factors, there are a few you need to be aware of. These principally involve the effects of what you were told you could not do. The equation parses out like this: If you were blocked, chastised, or punished for expressing your talents, this can trigger a kind of obsession with ambition. The effect would be to make you object-oriented rather than process-oriented; in spiritual terms, you could say, “hung up on the supposed destination rather than the journey.” You will have a clue about whether this is happening if in some way you emphasize image over substance; if you care concerned more about what people think than how you feel. The most helpful thing you can do at this point is discern whether your goals are really your goals. Where exactly did they come from, and what other options do you see? For where you are at now, is it necessary to have goals at all, or do they conceal something deeper—something you truly want and need?

GEMINI (May 20-June 21)
You need to leave yourself plenty of room to change your mind. I know this sounds like telling a Pisces they need to go to the beach, but it would appear that you are going to reconsider something about which you are at the moment feeling confident and committed. Please don’t let the secret desire for commitment substitute for the real thing. As you progress through these weeks, you will have access to all the information you need; when you look back at this time, you’ll be surprised by what you already knew, and how early you knew it. But in advance, you may not be assembling the pieces. Then, one afternoon, a revelation arrives—but is it doubt, or is it a breakthrough? Is it hesitation and insecurity, or are you being given some authentic inspiration? These are the approximate choices you have available. In other words, when you get to the reversal point, you get to define what it is and why you are there. Consciously reach into the wisdom of insecurity. Touch that moment when you have no options at all. If you get to the place where you seem to be standing in a vacuum, remember that you can fill it with anything you like.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)
You have been learning so much about yourself, you could fill a library or two. Yet so far, you’ve had limited opportunities to put your knowledge into action. Currently, you have the option to create a new strategy for life based on what you have discovered about yourself in the past year or so. You know a lot that you’re not admitting, about your preferences for how you spend your time, where, and with whom. Certain people have begun to impact your life in a way that would have been highly unusual not long ago, and you may be recognizing that not everyone is as wholesome an influence as you would have liked. You have options you never quite imagined would be real. And, finally, you may feel that the potential for failure has never been greater. Usually, that is a pretty good portent. For any possibility to be made real, it helps to contact all the other possibilities, too. This is not merely about thinking you have some choice in the matter of your life; rather, it’s about making contact with the fact that life is comprised of cycles, and of elements that often contain their opposite force of influence. Being mindful of this balance will give you strength, sanity, and some extra freedom.

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