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Pisces (February 19-March 20)
You may think that there is an obstacle in your path, but there are many different ways to view the landscape. Yes, one particular dimension of the “relationship” angle appears to be blocked, stuck or a bit stiff. Do yourself a favor and take a different way into the human matrix. Get social and integrate your energy in groups of people, then make yourself extremely observant when you’re there. Look at what’s going on around you. Notice who is noticing you. Notice how you feel about who is noticing you. Then observe when you have an opening—you will. Little is guaranteed, but you will. It would help to know if you’re scouting for money or for love (you seem to have both on your mind). You don’t need to announce your intentions; prudence would call on you to keep them to yourself, but to be aware. In either case, you need to remind yourself how good you feel about yourself. When you forget, remind yourself again. It is specifically the experience of consciously expressing positive vibes to yourself that will turn up the glow of the phosphorescent fish, transforming you into a magnet for all that you deem necessary or desirable.

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