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Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)
With Pluto not in your sign for a change, you may feel like you’re walking around with one shoe off. If that is the case, you might want to go for both shoes, and your socks. Your charts are all about grounding. It’s time to become the earthy Sagittarian—i.e., a Sagittaurus. If you are going for pleasure, a mountaintop is the place, Sagiccorn. If you are striving for wealth, remember that all wealth comes from the Earth—respect Her. This is a simple idea, and yet it seems that your values are pretty complicated, full of rules and inhibitions. They don’t need to be that way. Imagine yourself breaking down boundaries inside your mind, then burning them as fuel. The feeling is akin to opening up space inside yourself, and turning the devices once used to hold back energy into energy. Do that once or twice and you’ll see just how much mojo you’re working with. Once you get a taste of this interior chop and burn process, and of that most excellent heat, your inner life may resemble the interior of an airplane hangar rather than the rat maze it has become in recent years. We all know that you need space—but I’m here to tell you that means inner space.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)
You are being liberated from within. Your Soul is making itself known to you. There is no arguing with Soul, but it’s possible to pretend, to deny, to wish you could be your old-fashioned, boring old ego; good luck. Speaking of, if you’re not feeling absolutely lucky these days, it’s just the consequence of you trying to resist your Soul. You cannot do it, but you can try, and that will run down your energy or keep your focus off of the good stuff and on the difficult stuff and, well, you can miss the point of life entirely. You are not one of those people who requires much in the way of explanation here—you know what that inner voice of all inner voices is saying. It is merely a matter of listening, and then of doing one pretty special thing—not allowing your beliefs to get in the way of what is true. Am I implying that your beliefs are wrong? Not exactly. I read someplace in a New Age book that this is a dangerous thing to do. I’m implying that they are old; they are not the kind of antique you want laying around. Look them over once and put them in the recycling. If you are think someone is going to get pissed off at you, do it in broad daylight.

Aquarius (January 20-February 19)
Do people keep saying no to you? Do they offer things they cannot come through on? Do they seem to have good intentions, such as to learn how to dance, but they can only dance when they’re standing on your feet like the little girl in The Godfather? Yeah well, go where the action is. Physically get up and make the trip. It may be across town, it may be across the country, it may be across a gulf of awareness that seems extremely wide today but which consists of nothing more than a single thought. Make sure you are the one who takes action, and who counts on yourself to take action. For example, don’t wait for someone to call you. Call them, or knock on their door. Finally, I suggest you forget about all the things that people have promised you in the past. If they are in the past, then they were merely promises, which you cannot cash in at the change machine in the supermarket lobby, even though you may have a very large bottle full of them. One last thing—promises are nothing you want to make, either. You—and the world, but particularly you—need action these days. Not (as so often happens) talk.

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