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Aries (March 20-April 19)
You finally seem to be working with a concrete plan, but what you may not have planned for is how to put your plan into action. However, you don’t need to choreograph that, you just need to be patient long enough for the circumstances of your life to align in a way where the beginning will be obvious. “Long” in this case is a matter of weeks before you get the clue that you simply cannot delay, dream or divert yourself any longer. Late winter is always a slightly odd time of year for you; you seem to live in two worlds. There’s the supposedly real one, where none of the subtler possibilities seem to even exist; and then a profound, imaginary one, where everything you want or need the most is tantalizingly real, but nearly impossible to manifest. Actually, how we handle this kind of seeming split is one of the most enduring themes in the history of mankind. To stretch yourself across the chasm between imagination and reality is creative work on the highest order of reality. Creative, as in actively embracing your divine nature.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
Your friends are willing to make sacrifices for you. Being so attached to your self-sufficiency, this is not an entirely comfortable place for you. Yet there’s no shortage of ideas in the world, and most of what’s being offered to you consists of precisely that. Plus moral support, companionship, and extra access to the realms of imagination that are not necessarily easy for you to access. Your current project or experience needs to be considered as a collective endeavor. Though we tend to think of ourselves as individual egos in a hostile world, your current assignment is to connect to the collective level of existence. Your life, your work your ideas, your relationships, your feelings—all of these things are in a sense common property. Far from taking anything away from you, you gain manifold in the exercise—mainly through experiencing the power of community resources. As for the sacrifice anyone is willing to make, think of it this way: They have an open channel you do not at this point have access to, so it’s a gift without a loss. Learn how to get out of your own way, and open that channel for yourself.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
Though you have not necessarily felt emotionally stable the past few weeks, events are conspiring to strengthen your foundations and give you something solid to build on. Take every chance to work on the bottom layer, that of your emotional security. Ask the questions of your life in more complex ways and don’t be satisfied with cut-and-dried explanations of how you feel. All of this is preparation for what appears to be an extraordinary professional development in the coming weeks. What emerges may be an obviously beneficial stroke of good fortune; or it may manifest as a sudden, potentially inconvenient turn of events. The clue that you’re in the right place is the surprise factor. It does not matter what the surprise is. From there, you must use both your imagination and your practical skills to invent the opportunity you need. The thing that any possibility of this type has in common is that it grants you freedom. Freedom in this case means the freedom to choose, the freedom to feel and the freedom to redefine the theme of your life.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Factors urging you to think in the long-term continue to accrue. But the planets in their courses are prodding you to act in the immediate term. You are living with a distortion—objects in the windshield are closer than they appear. What you may think of as a five-year plan is valid over more like five months. What you wanted to get done this year, you can accomplish this month. Therefore, stretch your mind as far into the future as you can, and over as much distance as you can, and then allow space and time to condense themselves into your immediate reality. I can also tell you this. There is no shortage of resources. You would be surprised what’s available right now, once you look, and once you define a need in a way that can be fulfilled. It would be a mistake to give yourself excuses for why you cannot do things that are based on lack of time or lack of funds or other necessities. You can, at the moment, jump out of limiting ideas of time, and what you need is actually available from sources with more than enough.

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