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SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21)

You are not, as I have said, the “struggle with faith” type, but you seem to be processing something these days in your relationship to that entity known as God or, if you prefer, your higher self. The questions seems to be about who is more committed to whom, or should be; something about free giving and receiving of gifts; but more to the point, the role of divinity or spirituality in human love. One thing that warrants mention is that nearly all schools of religious thought stay in business because they elevate something over human experience, and usually that something is abstract. Even those who have an alive, active, and creative relationship with spirit can get caught up in the teachings of schools of thought that say it’s more important than something that could be described as ordinary, physical or humanly nourishing. I would issue a word of caution about any and all ideas that propose there is something better than we can have as people—human beings having a human experience. And usually there is a hidden agenda.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)

You are right to be questioning commitments that you have made to others, but notice that they are finally questioning the commitments they have to you—and the chances are, discovering they have at least a debt of gratitude to you. It may go further than that, and this would be a good time to collect old bills and reckon emotional accounts. Remember, you have the prerogative to forgive old debts, though I suggest you do so consciously and verbally. There’s a gift in this for everyone; debts take up energy. If, in particular, you are feeling sexually blocked, try unblocking your money. Rearrange your commitments, negotiate with people you owe money to, or let go of the ones who owe you something. Do a thorough review of any relationship where sex and money are both a factor involved in the commitment structure. Turn over rocks on unspoken promises, ungrounded expectations, or situations where something is linked with something else when it has no business being so.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19)

Is a third party involved in a romantic partnership of some kind? I suggest you not decide immediately they don’t belong there, like so many people do with an involuntary response that resembles the gag reflex. I also don’t suggest you grit your teeth and bear it, either: Instead, try opening up and letting some of the subtler elements of the truth rise to the surface of reality. Here is the question you really need to ask yourself: What turns you on? You might want to put that to everyone else involved, once you’ve asked yourself and gone at least two layers down for your answer. Study the meaning of age differences, power differences, the different ways that people choose to negotiate their surrender, and the relationships of everyone involved to people in their past. Past lovers often loom around like phantoms in the eaves, when they need to be given a clearer voice and honored for who they truly are. You are a presence who stands large in the lives of others. You can stand to know exactly what people feel and why they feel that way, and everyone will experience a sustained rush of liberation in the process.

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)

Two questions for you this month: What would you do if you were really free, and what would you do if you could focus on what matters the most? There seems to be an intersection approaching where the two probability fields intersect. Looked at one way, it’s a narrowing of the path of your life; looked at another way, you have an opportunity to arrange your priorities, particularly where key relationships are concerned. For way too long, many things that don’t really matter to you have taken exceptional amounts of your emotional energy and material resources. It has been a long time since you went into command mode on your most important life situations, physical circumstances and professional commitments, and such a moment is arriving fast. You can go a long way toward preparing yourself by knowing what matters long before anyone asks you or expects you to put your feelings, credibility, or cash on the line. Make sure the people you care about know you care about them, and make sure you put the question to anyone with whom you are experiencing doubt.

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