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LEO (July 24-Aug. 23)

Subtler events and ideas than you may imagine will determine the course of your life, though some extraordinary developments are in the offing. You’re often in the position of being the person who holds the bottom line on reality, who is responsible for being a grounded adult and for setting the terms of what is real and what is not. This puts close partners into the role of what may at times seem like unrealistic dreamer, and at others seem like informed visionary. You do an excellent job of setting the limits that make progress possible. You may want to consider a role reversal, and put your imagination to work. Certainly, circumstances of your life are providing a sense of confinement that is (on our particular planet) excellent fertilizer for the imagination—perhaps one of the few that actually works. You’re holding in your hands vital information about what it means to be stuck, and you’re on the threshold of discovering how you and the people closest to you can get brilliantly unstuck.

VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sep. 23)

One of the great Virgo secrets is how overwhelmed you can feel at times, and how you then ride that energy and break through to new universes of your life. This month promises to turn your inner reality into Bondi Beach of the mind, where you will surf the massive cosmic waves for days and weeks on end. You have learned in recent years that fear is basically the illusion created by responding to your abundant creative potential with negativity. It’s a kind of psychic drag created by resisting your natural strength. It helps of course if you can see the positive potential of your creative power. As long as you let go of your past mental habits that is surprisingly easy, and that, in turn, is facilitated simply by noticing what they are. At a certain point, the quest to maintain self-awareness gives way to creative breakthroughs, which in the coming month or two seem poised to come as a series of developments that carry you further from any phase of your life that you remember, or for that matter that you have forgotten.

LIBRA (Sep. 24-Oct. 23)

All I can say about your planets this month is that the words “highly unlikely” come to mind, along with “unusual propitious meeting” and “retrograding into the future.” Highly unlikely refers to someone highly unlikely to be your friend coming through in an extreme pinch; “unusual propitious meeting” is like the Odd Couple to the 100th power, but in the form of a beneficial encounter that you simply could not predict, potentially with someone who you have viewed as an adversary at a less mature time in your life. Retrograding into the future could mean that what seems to be a setback of some kind turns out to be a development that alters your life path in a truly positive way. In any event, your friends are your most precious resource right now, and one character who shows up in the current act of your life will be highly influential in helping you wiggle into your special niche in society: both social and economic. It is always the combination of long planning, the goodwill of your friends and dumb luck that makes that happen, and you have all three going for you right now.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)

You may not be sure whether a partner or close associate is thwarting your professional aspirations, or helping you in a backwards kind of way, but you’ll feel better if you remind yourself that you’re the boss. As the boss, you can afford to give others some slack to do what they do, whether they do it well or poorly, and whether you understand it (at the moment) or not. This is to say, you may not actually comprehend the nature of soon-to-unfold developments, or be able to assess their impact, but you would be wise to observe with more emphasis than on taking action. You may be tempted to respond as if you’re standing idly by; you are not. Rather, under this scenario, you would be waiting for your opportune moment. Meanwhile, consider for a moment how you may be perceived by certain key individuals, or one in particular: as vastly larger than life, but as a kind of powerful friend in need of their special contribution to your work or reputation. You may think this is ridiculous, and yet they may be right. Give it a little time.

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