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TAURUS (April 19-May 20)

You're seeing the benefits of taking the long view, and the slow approach. Pace yourself, and use your plans as a kind of guide to the possibilities rather than as a firm commitment. One thing you've learned is that you must leave room for variables. Taurus is perhaps the most steadfast of all the signs, and you bring tenacity and integrity to all that you do. That includes your relationships. Remember, the safe container you are seeking starts with your confidence in yourself. It almost goes no further. When you have confidence in yourself, you can create, contain, or handle anything, and you'll believe people love you when they do. When two people get together to share anything more than lunch, they have to work out understandings and power sharing agreements. Those are always cultivated over time, and become the 'container' of the relationship. They are based on the discovery of common values that can be built on: common reasons for living. No matter how clear anything may be in the beginning, these understandings evolve, flow, are adapted and adjusted with the nonstop flow of time. We live in the world of forever changes. No house or concept can protect us from change; we don't need to be protected. To truly live, we must to dance with life and death and experience existence outside of any concept about it.

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