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SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 22)

The past year of your life has summoned a level of discipline in you that's been most unusual. Yet the results have been worth it. You have come into a state of balance that has brought maturity, progress, and some actual achievements. Keep in mind that the most important of those are internal: your ability to make decisions, to get along with others, and to set the course of your life. It's true that you've had to make some sacrifices, though in hindsight you will likely see that what you've given up you actually exchanged for experiences of greater value. If your chart describes one necessary growth task at this time, it involves a lingering attachment leftover from early in life, that you now have an opportunity to identify and resolve. There area few people who have not endured some kind of abuse or neglect, and most of them underestimate the degree to which this affects their lives today. Even a relatively small unresolved emotional condition can, at times, turn into a reactive state that is projected onto others, who have absolutely no connection to the original situation. Should something like this happen over the next few weeks, you have the ability to stop the show, and get a handle on what's really going on. Those now in your life will be open to your healing. You can let it go.

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