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LIBRA (September 22-October 23)

You are big enough to handle anyone's erratic behavior. You are broad-minded enough to handle the self-centered way that many people act. But how much do you want to endure? Notice when your patience is on half-empty rather than when it's running all the way out. Notice who consumes the most of your resources. And most of all, notice who notices you—that you're a person with feelings, desires, and needs. Those are the people you want in your life: individuals capable of taking care of themselves and who offer a measure of mutuality. You would probably say that's tops on your list of qualifications for partner or friend, though how often does it work out that way? At the moment, it's easy for you to get drawn into the service-to-others thing in a way that can go out of control. This calls for conscious decision making. Be aware of the commitments you've made to others and the extent to which they are expecting or demanding more than what you've offered. You might also notice when someone is mirroring back to you one of your own tendencies that you want to let go of. The more you work on yourself, the less tolerant you will be of people who do anything less than honor your full personhood. You must treat yourself well first, and others will follow suit.

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