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LEO (July 22-August 23)

This will be a highly productive year if you don't allow yourself to get enmeshed in the problems of others, no matter how close they are to you. To accomplish this may take all your discipline, though it will be worth it. The place to start is the agreements you have with others. Every agreement is a contract and every contract is a map to the future. When you make any arrangement with another person, you're involved in an envisioning process. There are some currently existing agreements that need to be brought to full clarity. This will indeed have an impact on the relationships; some people may resist clear understanding, and you may find pockets of resistance in yourself. Be honest with yourself about those feelings, and investigate them even as you work through them. Most of what you want from life, be it intimacy, creativity, or wealth, is shrouded in some fog and confusion, and you have the power of spirit to penetrate the mists. You might use a strategy of choosing the most difficult material and going there first. This will deal with the intimidation factor. Once you've resolved what seems like a difficult problem, you will be dauntless about the easier ones. One last thought: Note early and often the fact that you cannot change others. They can only change themselves, if they are actively willing; and that is out of your control.

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