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LEO (July 22-August 23)

You're growing and changing in ways you may not understand; don't let that stop you from appreciating them. You may, for instance, have noticed that the ground seems to be leveling between you and those you previously considered powerful or daunting. It's a sign of maturity when you can meet people on the human level, irrespective of any rank, status or power they may seem to have. Learning to see people eye to eye, across level ground—including everyone you encounter—is going to be the essence of your life for the far foreseeable future. To do this requires commitment and practice. It's a form of karma yoga that you can do all the time, and from which nobody you encounter is exempt. By this I mean the great and the mighty, the poor and the infirm, plants, animals, skyscrapers, sacred ruins and all the great achievements of culture. All of the above: train yourself to view this as all being equal to you. This would also include the tragedies you witness, and the desolation that is becoming prevalent in our benighted world. In the most immediate, practical and day-to-day approach, this 'level field of reality' reaches first into the agreements that you mutually make with others. You must hold yourself to those agreements, and do what you can to hold others to their commitments to you. That is the beginning.

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