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Horoscopes: Leo



Belief is fragile. Most beliefs do not stand up to verification. Yet the starting point to getting real is discovering your assumptions and, one by one, popping them like balloons. That's the big, courageous thing involved in growth. Some forms of spiritual training and study give you a pin to do the popping; others give you more hot air to inflate more balloons. You could save yourself time by questioning every assumption you have, and by counting everything you think you know as such. This is not as harsh as it sounds. It's more like opening up the windows on a cool autumn afternoon, and being grateful that you need neither heat nor air conditioning. Being "disillusioned" is thought of as a bad thing; you might think of it as being shorn of your illusions. The more disillusioned you are, the more open you'll be to that seemingly elusive thing known as reality. That's the thing you want. The first benefit will be simplicity. Reality is more elegant and more pragmatic than what you hope is true, or are pretending is true. Yes, this takes commitment, but after a short time the energy that comes back to you will provide ample power for the whole project. It's like cleaning closets. Once you clean one, going for the rest feels good and ends up being great fun.


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