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CANCER  (June 21-July 22)

How many people get to do exactly what they want, or what they know they came here to do? What stops some and what facilitates others? Looking around, why does it seem that some humans—right in the same culture—get to write science fiction floating around on a wood sailboat, while others have to collect trash? And since you’re somewhere in the middle, what determines where on the continuum you get to be? We could look at all kinds of worldly advantages: the trust fund, buying a load of Microsoft stock in 1980, knowing the right person. We could credit shrewdness. We could say that one’s karma allows or disallows certain potentials (and more of us believe this than care to admit we do). Your charts suggest that the approach to life that will get you where you want to go is envisioning what you want without giving credence to any idea that it’s not possible. For some it is challenging to envision the existence of their dreams—there seem to be so many quirky facts, mediocre people, and global disasters in the way. If you have been trying to envision your dreams for a day for 50 years, you have arrived at the breakthrough point. It’s not merely that nothing is impossible, it is that anything is possible, so therefore, choose from the depth of your passion. Clue: It’s an easy feeling.

LEO (July 22-August 23)
It’s time to stretch every horizon. The first one to expand includes your vision of what is possible, of who you are and of what you can achieve. I’m aware how challenging it is to do this even if you’re “good” at it, though you do have help. What you’re really changing is your idea of who you are, as if some “higher self” version of you contained on another level is flooding into your personality, displacing your ego, and offering you the sensation of your most enlightened self. While you’re stretching horizons, don’t forget the boundaries of place that so often seem to hold you back. You’re someone who can make anyplace interesting, though now unusual locales are calling you, as are friends from other parts of the world—some of whom you may not know today. And while you’re stretching, take the next few weeks and lean into some expanded ideas of what is possible. The truth is: you can do anything, particularly using this moment as your fulcrum. How do you get there? In a word, faith. Faith is not something you need a lot of. All you need is a little. What some spiritual traditions call the “greater faith” reaches back to you, responding to your call; the greater light joins your small light. You initiate the process, with your commitment to dare, to see, to embrace your life. That is the invitation for divine providence to make the next move.

VIRGO  (August 23-September 22)
Relationships either help set us free to be who we are, or they limit who we are. This is the choice we have. Generally, every relationship is an agreement to live one way or the other, until we remember that we only have one relationship: self to other. The decision you’re now making is involves reaching from your core and seeing the continuity of every encounter that you have: long-term, short-term, “sexual,” “platonic,” committed, casual, or whatever. At the core of that continuity is your understanding that relationship is an agreement to be free or to be a slave; to give yourself, or to be taken; to exchange, or to take advantage of. Our society is not as clueless about this as it was, say, even 50 years ago. Yet the marriage contract, society’s model of relationship, has not fundamentally changed in that time, and there are many movements to make it more restrictive, not less. You, however, can no longer be defined, or limited, by these kinds of unquestioned, prefab contracts. Your Self must have the freedom to explore, to expand, and to individuate in every encounter. It is true that you have chosen relationships as your own primary method of getting to know yourself, so withdrawing is not an option—and given the incredible potential of your human encounters, there seems little point in that. Indeed, current aspects are likely to represent the actual moment when you’re drawn out of your shell, into experiencing the true potential of love.


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