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Aries (March 20-April 19)

You’ve been blessed with such unusual social penetrating power, it’s as if you had a backstage pass to everywhere—and if you haven’t noticed, you still do. The key now is being selective where you go and what you do with that privilege. The depth of this new power gives you more than you’re likely to be noticing. Consider how the patterns of the society around you usually dictate the course of your life, and by “society” I mean your friends, their friends and the big world. In all these ways you have unusual mobility right now. Yet this applies to levels of your existence that are normally invisible. In truth, a universe of potential is opening up for you. The way to activate that potential is by focusing on specifically what is the most important to you; and by this I mean making a conscious effort to identify your deepest and most meaningful priorities, then sticking to them. It would make no sense to squander these opportunities on something you don’t really want, but I must caution you because that’s so inherent in human nature. Yet guilt, peer pressure (including in primary relationships), conditioning, fear, shame, and lack of awareness can make focusing on what you want can seem like a very big deal. So the question is: Given the opportunity to go beyond these things, would you?

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
Mars has entered your birth sign, which is putting some fire in your belly. I trust you will give that famous Taurean complacency a run for its money. I know a lot of people born under your sign, and I do mean know and love. They all admit the same thing: It’s difficult to make changes. The comfort zone can feel like climbing out of a canyon. On the most basic level, Taurus grounds stability for the whole astrological system. Yet deep beneath the crust of the Earth is a tectonic power that you know you have but rarely tap into. That strength would enable you to make vast changes as if this were no big deal at all. What I believe entices you to keep things stable, is less about fear of the future and more about an attachment to the past. But fear plays a role you need to address. On and off for the past several months, you’ve had a tour of what tends to freak you out. There’s another aspect to fear, however, which is feeling the emotion but losing touch with what creates it. Here is the key to your astrology this month: Use fear as a source of energy. Go right into it and confront it directly; or let it propel you to make the decisions that you need to make. If fear is not an issue for you per se, then make a list of your perceived limits and, one by one, take them out.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)

Often people try to be spiritual without addressing this elusive thing called the unconscious. But since it’s unconscious, it’s understandable how we might not be conscious of it. At the moment, you seem to be waking up to this level of awareness, which most would regard as deep, dark, and too complicated to be much fun. Yet awareness of this dimension is precisely how we grow. It cannot be taken in especially big chunks, though at the moment, if the unconscious is a country, you now have access to the equivalent of a major city. Taking this equation in parts, consider that we usually deem spiritual growth being more open to love; and this, most people struggle with. But who in a spiritual process would show reverence for the darker emotions? Usually, the first impulse is to get rid of them. So what might you be encountering for the next few weeks? One is attachment. Beneath that breezy personality of yours, you can cling tightly, and that has a way of driving people out of your life. Another is a fear of change that seems to directly contradict breezy, open-ended way you prefer to live. The two are related, and if you can get sight of that relationship and acknowledge it honestly, a dimension of love will open before you even know what happened.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
In a world where people try to impress others with how many Facebook friends they have, I am here to remind you that popularity is not what you need, and it’s not what matters. The only, and I do mean only, thing you need, at least as far as I’m concerned as an astrologer, are clear agreements. An extremely popular New Age philosophy has grown up around the concept of “sacred contracts.” Your astrological moment now points to an opening for the energy of grace. This quality has the power to dissolve old agreements and help you form new ones that are far more humane in nature. I suggest you look closely at your life and determine who profits based on what you do and what happens to you. Ask yourself, day to day and hour to hour, if what you experience is equitable; if you have enough of what you need; and look at the arrangements where those limits are contained. If you pay attention, you will discover yourself in relationships that contain a kind of infinite potential. You will get a look at how those relationships work at their best and, most significantly, you will see the ways in which you can turn the old-style experiences into something where actual benefits to everyone involved are available not only to the direct participants but also to everyone. Indeed, you would be stunned if you could see the potential—and I trust that you will.

Leo (July 22-August 23)

Put you your highly evolved sense of justice to work, for yourself. Be demonstrative about your firm understanding that mutual respect is the only way that the world is going to function, or work its way out of its current hole. The truth has a way of perpetuating itself. We like to think this is true of lies, but whether a person places their faith in one or the other says just about everything you need to know about who they are. There are the people who cannot tell the difference, and worse yet, those who don’t care. Yet integrity is obvious, if you are looking, listening, and paying attention to the information sent by your third eye. If certain people show up seem to have a broken mind be very discerning about how you handle them. Meanwhile, everyone knows the rules are changing, and that the structure of society is being re-created as we speak. For you this translates to relationships. Along with that new model is your coexistence with to two factors—your work and your health. The people admitted to your life must be committed to both, as they apply to you and to themselves. We have come through a time when the decay of integrity and accountability have rarely ever been more severe. You at least are accountable to yourself. Others who share this value are gradually arriving in your life—notice them.

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