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AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19)
This month, the two rulers of your sign—traditional planet Saturn and modern planet Uranus—face off for the fifth time in 19 months. The opposition moves toward a conjunction that takes place in 2032, so let’s say this is an important aspect, aided by many other factors. For example, the signs involved are Aries and Libra rather than Virgo and Pisces. The net effect is that things you’ve been thinking about, perhaps obsessively, are about to translate into a rapid sequence of decisions, movement, and action. Your planets say you’re done being reactive; you’re done being defensive; the time when you make the second move has drawn to a close. You might notice your tendency to need something to push back against, or to define yourself by what you are not. Part of what the Saturn-Uranus opposition offers is healthy contrast. You’re learning to see things in more vivid shades than you have in the past, which is a form of commitment. I suggest that you think back to November 2008, when this process began. What can you see clearly now that was not so easy to observe then? Count the ways in which you’re obviously different than certain people you come into contact with on a regular basis. You seem to have noticed this before, though you were less likely to think that the distinctions were meaningful or worth acting on. What is your opinion today?

PISCES (February 19-March 20)
Your astrology this month is all about stepping into a more visible role as a contributor to culture. It’s as if a veil gets pulled back, revealing who you are. From the outside it looks like you have some kind of creative role, and like you take the chances to bring that quality into your experience. Obviously, you’ve taken some chances, though you may at times wonder what good that did. I assure you, it did as much good as anything can, which is to both cultivate and preserve your passionate approach to existence. Take away any one of those daring endeavors and you wouldn’t be the same person, nor would you be in the same place you are now. Yet behind that veil is something else: the ability to have not just impact but also actual influence. You’re part of a changing world, and you’re part of that process of change. This is what becomes undeniable. Yet to get there, you must shed some baby fat and a few other childhood tendencies. In order to take on your new role, something about your old role must transform entirely. In your new incarnation you’ll take with you all the talent, commitment and sensitivity you started with, and leave behind your insecurity, feelings of abandonment, and tendency to struggle. Looked at one way, you are about to grow up fast. Looked at another, you’ve reached an inevitable threshold of development that you’ve been eagerly awaiting your entire life.


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