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Horoscopes: Gemini



Gemini is said to be one of the more mental signs, but now there's no avoiding an emotional situation that's been vying for your attention for some time. Once you devote yourself to understanding and healing, you will discover a world of possibilities, by which I mean support from others and an opportunity to grow and create. One item to address is your sexuality, from the standpoint of healing. This can be challenging because few people have any concept of sexual healing until they've experienced it, and few healers or thought-leaders bring up the topic. You still tend to think of sex as something that must exist inside a social construct like marriage or commitment. Sex came first. The human body and its feelings came before anyone's notion of right or wrong. One element of healing is living by your own personal code of ethics, one that realistically reflects who you are and what you feel. That's predicated on knowing what you feel and seeking to discover the truth of who you are. This is opposite from trying to fit yourself into what someone else thinks you're supposed to be. Just embracing that one idea will help you feel better and set yourself free. You might try this as your mantra for a few weeks: "I am not my parents. I am myself."


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