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SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 22)
This has been a year of large plans and brilliant ideas with success that has ranged from warm to cool. Now get ready for hot. Get ready for the force of determination that you’ve always counted on in yourself, but which lately seems to have been tempered by a more deeply introspective view of existence. I suggest, however, that you apply something other than raw energy to your goals or life situations. The charts strongly suggest a refined mental approach, akin to chess, or maybe football. They also suggest that you actually don’t need to pour on that much in the way of effort or drive. The key is to direct your energy in specific ways, looking for the levers or specific gestures that maximize the results. Without being overly cautious—something I doubt you would do, but who knows—I suggest you be mindful of unintended consequences. This could easily work in your favor, with your actions delivering a result that you were not planning on but one that could work out in an unusually creative way. Your actions may have more significant effects than you’re intending. And this warrants a word of caution or two: You must avoid actual danger, such as handling an acetylene torch or motor vehicle when drunk, or experimenting with just how mean someone you don’t trust can be. Focused curiosity is one thing, idle curiosity is quite another.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)

You are close to a point where you can make no more compromises about who you are. You’ve done a lot of this in the past, for diverse reasons, including living up to your parents’ expectations of who you are, or those of a partner, or the impulse to be a good parent. The list of expectations and who has them would be a long one, but I’ll cut it short with the idea that your sole soul commitment now is the authenticity of your existence. You have wiggle room, but it’s now about one-tenth of what you had a year ago. The fit is getting narrower every day, and as you hone yourself and direct your energy at this one purpose, two things are likely to happen. One is that you’ll be more willing to encounter the unsettling lack of familiarity that the task requires; and you’re going to focus your power. Part of what claiming your power brings up is guilt, so if you’re feeling some of that, take it as a sign that you’re cutting the barbed wire of the past rather than a sign that you’re wrong. You’re removing the fetters of control that were embedded to your existence when you were much younger. You’re gathering the strength to move past the self-doubts of the adults who surrounded you and who themselves dragged around the doubts of their own parents. At a certain point you’ll no longer have to decide to be confident in who you are; your confidence will decide for you.
AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19)
Leadership requires a focus on ethics, and sometimes (or rather, often) there is a sense of sacrifice involved. I suggest that in the ensuing weeks you question both of these issues. As Venus stations direct in Libra, the first theme calls on you to consider ethics in the context of one-to-one relationships rather than in the general sense. Every relationship is one-to-one, whether you’re relating to a partner or to a million people. The idea here is to consider the individual case, and to be confident of your dependable tendency to do what is right. As for sacrifice, this is a misunderstood and abused concept that is the source of much avoidable misery and suffering. The presumption that we must always sacrifice (meaning, for others) is the very reason why bankers stole from us to get their million-dollar bonuses without our raising the meekest protest. Note that the moment you question the idea, the validity or the value of sacrifice you may feel guilty for doing so. The opposite or complement of this, or the remedy (however you choose to look at it) is your own conscious willingness to devote yourself to a project, cause or person, with no reservations and no sense of sacrifice: only the direct affirmation of what you want and what you want to create. This is what I would describe as leadership, the core value of which is uncompromised devotion.


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