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LEO (July 22-August 23)
Your notion of safety involves being grounded in your emotions. You could be standing in a hurricane and feel safe if you’re emotionally centered; you could be inside a fully stocked fortress with a paramedic team nearby and feel insecure if your emotions are off-kilter. So this is the time to tend the center. Your emotional life now has a central organizing principle, and that is where to focus. One image is the hearth at the center of a home. Tending the hearth is the central activity of keeping the home warm, safe, and lived in. There seems to be some kind of 24-hour-a-day devotion involved; the more you commit yourself to that, the better you will feel. You’ve done your share of emotional questioning the past month or so, and there seems to be one particular matter that is a source of doubt; you’re likely to forget about that, and it’s likely to take care of itself. What you can focus on, from your centered and grounded state, is making direct progress on what you want. This is likely to come in the form of a highly focused strategy that includes a wide-reaching plan and deducing a series of direct steps to making it real. Keep your optimism vividly in mind. Aim your intentions. Remember the many lessons of past generations, and be thankful you don’t have to go through any of that again.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)
If you encounter any turbulence in your home environment, do your best to think logically. Virgo is the sign of doing precisely that, except for how nervous you can be. So this will require conscious choices, and these in turn will summon you to apply the best of your skill and experience. What seems like a simple situation, agitation, or ordinary household conflict is really much deeper, and there is rich material for you to explore here. Earlier in the year, around August and September, you may have found yourself in a situation that called for you to delve into your family history. That episode gave you a chance to sort out your personal karma from your ancestral karma. Now, you get to bring the full presence of your mind and move directly into the eye of the storm. There’s a situation that you have inherited from at least two generations ago, and you’re now in a confident enough place to approach it with a fully open mind, and work it out directly. The questions are the same: What belongs to you, now, and what is properly the domain of the past? And where do these two ideas merge so perfectly that there is no difference? Nearly everything we deem spiritual growth involves changing our ideas about the past, therefore getting ourselves in a position to have access to our power in the present moment. And that is precisely what you can do.

LIBRA (September 22-October 23)
There are those moments when it’s possible to forget who you were and become the person you are now. Sometimes, to get there it seems necessary to obsess over the past, or the past obsesses over you. It also may be necessary to be confronted over and over again with who and what you are not, and who and what does not work for you. Here in the world of duality, contrast can be a helpful tool. It’s also a tool that only gets us so far. What you’re feeling for is a subtle shift of feelings—or rather, two of them. The first shift will be a bit like, “This is me, but it’s not quite me.” The second will feel like, “This is absolutely correct, no matter what happened in the past.” The nature of the change is emotional. The mental level will reflect your deeper sensation, but ultimately you are striving to feel right about your existence. Now, many would say this is a process that takes some time, but I would remind you of two things. One is, you’ve been at it for a while. The second is, that in actual fact, there comes a point of decision that is the actual place where the issue is worked out, the choice is made, and the fact that this is your life becomes so obvious as to be undeniable for another minute. After that, the rest is landscaping.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)

It may be odd for an astrologer to associate Scorpio and the concepts of virginity or celibacy, but in general, what some call “sacred sexuality” would not be a stretch for you. This is a term that’s used more often than it is understood, and part of your mission now is to give the concept personal meaning. Deep beneath all the ideas, illustrations, and suggestions of books about tantra (a term that, in modern usage, is a byword for conscious, meaningful erotic exchange) there is a spirit of devotion. That can involve devotion to service, it can involve healing, and most of all, it involves the unfettered honoring of pleasure as a natural, wholesome experience. Devotion is like tending a flame, and it’s vital to recognize that the flame exists inside you before it can exist anywhere else. We all have our hang-ups, we have our doubts, we have those places that we’re afraid to go. I suggest that you choose to be undeterred by any of these things, and focus your energy and thoughts on burning your flame as hot as you need to in order to burn off your doubts, body shame, and religious guilt. Experienced in this spirit, sex ceases to be a consumable item and takes on new meaning, as something that honors something inherent about what a person is: a perfect expression of nature and the intelligence that we often mistake for divinity.


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