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Horoscopes for November 2010


Last Updated: 08/13/2013 4:34 pm

ARIES (March 20-April 19)

Your interests and those of someone close to you seem to be skewed in two different directions. It may feel as if the values that you once shared and that bonded you are now diverging, and growing more distant by the day. It would help if you acknowledge this rather than ignore it or hope it will change. What is rarely taken into account is that despite being in a relationship­—whether partners, business collaborators, or friends—people have different cycles of growth. You’re experiencing one of those cycles now, and it may be creating a diversity of effects where people seem unavailable. What matters now is focusing on what you want. You’re still caught up in the emotional residue of what was or might have been; the particular cycle you’re at is moving forward, cutting yourself free from past emotional entanglements. As you do this, and as you persist and focus on what you want to create, you will figure out that you’re in totally new territory, with a much wider horizon of possibilities than you had just a few weeks ago. Let this lead you far and wide; give yourself the chance to open up to a new kind of optimism, in particular, one that does not depend on the presence or acknowledgement of anyone else. Yes, you’re likely to have lingering feelings or regrets. Remember: We all must live with one another’s decisions.

TAURUS  (April 19-May 20)
As children, we’re given one all-or-nothing relationship option to which all roads supposedly lead, which is marriage. This turns out to be like signing a credit card application: There are many hidden concepts lurking beneath the surface, which eventually manifest. This would be less of an issue if marriage were not the one and only acceptable notion of two people getting together. And this notion is so prevalent, and so taken for granted, that nearly every other form of relationship models itself after it. You’re now in a time of questioning all of the assumptions that you make in your relationships, or that you’ve ever made. To question an assumption you first have to know what it is, so you can look at it, decide if it’s true, and create some alternatives. This falls under the general heading “Becoming aware of that which was previously unconscious.” Once you start exploring this topic, you’re going to find all sorts of interesting things you overlooked, and when you address them (mostly with decisions), your relationships are going to be a lot happier. These include expectations placed on others and yourself, hidden agendas, conditions, ideas about the value of sex, shared property and a diversity of other topics. The idea is not to resolve them all, but rather to embark on a process of keeping all of your conditions on the surface, where you can see them.

GEMINI (May 20-June 21)

You may have figured out the relationship between sex and your health. When you get the sex you want, you feel good, and when you don’t you may feel sluggish, depressed, or like your life lacks meaning. Many people might judge this as a form of addiction; I would say that it’s more like if you don’t eat, you get cranky. For the next couple of months, you can equate sex to food, and apply the same basic principles of choosing what is nourishing, keeping your life in balance, and noticing what things in your diet are depleting. It would help if you have contacts available who share this idea. At the moment, you may be feeling like your erotic nature is overly concerned with the idea of power. It’s true that for the foreseeable future, you need to look carefully at every situation and make sure that the power relationship is both conscious and balanced. It will help enormously if you didn’t judge what you want based on the opinions of others who may have more vanilla tastes than you do. If you’re going to explore what is called power exchange in your erotic encounters, it’s wise to do this with full awareness, mutual agreements, and limits that both people honor. Just remember, you were born to push the edge, and one of your greatest assets is your curiosity. Therefore I suggest you associate with the edgy and the curious.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)
It is always interesting what comes out in the wash known as sex. We in the West—that includes the United States, Europe, and the UK—have had so much baggage packed around our erotic desires that it’s amazing we even recognize them when we feel them, and the truth is, many people do not. This is a potent theme being described by the planets through the rest of the year, and your sign (and Cancer rising) is experiencing some of the most interesting layers of the journey. Rather than predicting, I will speak in questions. The first is about how you respond to what you attract. Do you welcome what you attract, or do you meet it with doubt or resentment? There’s a matter of ownership involved: of taking full responsibility for what is in your field of awareness, to the degree where you can actually have the experiences that are available, or choose something else. Another question involves the deeper material that surfaces when you choose an experience, including the bonds of relationship that form and what they mean to you. Finally, there’s the matter of desire itself, and your ongoing quest to experience desire liberated from guilt, shame, or regret. You’re learning to experience desire in a direct, authentic way, without hesitation or remorse. As the month progresses, this will take on the flavor of a full-strength spiritual healing mission. That’s exactly what it is.


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