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Scorpio (October 23-November 22)
How exactly can you shift the dynamic of your life? We spend a lot of time doing emotional work, relationship work, spiritual work and every other kind of work. Yet this rarely is the thing that makes the actual shift; more often it is what prepares the ground (and sometimes digs us deeper). You are being pulled, and I mean powerfully, in the direction of casting of your ideas about life away, and being drawn in the process of life as one vast experiment. You are still oriented on the emotional side of the equation; the side that is concerned with security, and at the same time, dealing with the patterns that have taken root in your life. But what you don’t necessarily see is how much inner territory you have covered, and how thoroughly. And you may not be aware how close to a whole new set of destinations you are. Be aware that what we call emotional work can have an obsessive quality to it, and the process of breaking patterns can have a pattern all its own. Now it’s time to let yourself be pulled in the direction of what is less predictable, and more about experience that is simply not possible to describe or categorize. In sum, your deepest release will come from allowing yourself to be drawn into your passion, your talent, your erotic core. Yes, I know about the rules; and it’s time for new ones.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)
Our world teaches us to focus on the physical and mental trappings of life and all but disregard the matter of soul. Of course, soul is controversial in nature; the true structure of the human psyche is only known in theory and from limited experience, and is not proven. Even if we acknowledge the existence of this quality of being, you cannot teach soul in a classroom or lecture hall; very few practitioners can make contact with it in a workshop; it does not lend itself well to being written about or illustrated. Hence, since it doesn’t come as a song lasting under three minutes, it can’t get the airplay that it deserves. At this moment, your very existence is broadcasting the essence of your soul energy, and by that I mean the people around you (both locally and energetically) can feel this happening. The connection you are developing is to your sense of purpose, your sense of place and most of all, deciphering your original instructions for this incarnation. You may be manifesting this as feeling like your mind is glowing with blue light; you may feel like you’re walking on clouds; you may wonder why you’re feeling so strange. Yes, in this world, beautiful can be a little weird, but we both know that’s how you like it.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)
What are the stories you tell yourself over and over again? In particular, what stories about who you are in the world, and what your purpose is? These are the ones that are the most likely to come true, whether they are “true” or not. And what is truth? In the course of a human life, it’s something we experience in context, and looking at your charts for this month, here is what that involves. Do you make your choices in accord with your own values? Said another way, do you act on what is true for you? The unusual quality of the moment is that you not only see what is true for you, you see its value, its beauty and its reality. As A Course in Miracles so aptly stated the point, “Every decision you make stems from what you think you are.” In a sense, this is the ultimate value: your definition of yourself. I am here to tell you that far from being a fixed entity, your definition is something that is entirely flexible, subject to change and asking to be rewritten based on the deepest contact you can attain with yourself. Contact sounds a little like contract, and what you are doing is precisely renegotiating and acting on the contract you have with yourself. If you have made any promises to yourself that you’re overdue in keeping, now would be the opportune moment to pay up.

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