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Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:53 pm
Aries (March 20-April 19)
You’re learning something special, which is how to embrace opposites at the same time. By that, I mean the opposites which comprise who you are. Few people would describe you as a person who strives for balance. Yet, if you wonder why you spend so much time running in circles, consider that your left and right sides need to both do the work of living and traveling on our small planet, in harmony. The other message coming through abundantly is that despite Aries being the quintessential insecure soloist of the zodiac, you are not here alone; there is nothing solo about your life. However, the non-solo portion is less about the presence of a significant other or the dramas of relationship (interesting though they have been lately), and more about the presence of a community. Or rather, you recognizing your presence in the people, events and society that surround you. I suggest you specifically not wait for an engraved invitation; that you stand up and engage the world, and that you do so recognizing commitments that you have already made. And you have made a few; some in conscience; some unconsciously; and some with a mild sense of trepidation. The time has come to call yourself not just present, but accounted for.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
You’ve had a look at your life as the transparent thing that it needs to be, and that it can easily be. You have begun to feel your head soften and your heart open. What will it take for you to recognize these as ongoing options rather than as a momentary awakening? Maybe pleasure will speak your name; it’s the one thing that will usually get you to look up. There’s nothing pleasurable or flattering about being hardheaded or stubborn, and you know it no longer suits your nature. Resistance is not a pleasurable experience for long. Persistent, devoted, dedicated—all of these work for you. The key to staying open is to turn them toward yourself. What I am suggesting is that if you want to have the life you say you want, you need to be open to it, and being open to ‘it’ means being open in general. I suggest you be open to yourself about three things: one would be your fears. Keeping your fears secret is one of the best ways to shut down. Second would be your values. Remind yourself every day what is important to you, and take one documented action in support of what is important to you. The third would be ‘fessing up to yourself about what risks you are actually willing to take, and then taking them.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
You may feel a strong temptation to be self-sacrificing for a partner or loved one. Generally, this is considered the height of nobility and heroism, indicative of the most exquisite degree of spiritual growth. However, beware of the supposed need to prove yourself, particularly if you’re doing it to get a result, and especially if that result is from a person. You may feel that someone is holding out on you, like they have more to offer than you do. Alternately, you may be in a particularly competitive mood, only this is competitiveness with the odd psychological spin of giving something up. But life is not a game of Top Chef, or Bottom Chef for that matter. You will know you’re in this loop because you’re feeling frustration. That’s your cue to make some decisions, and to look in another direction. Is it pleasure and passion that you want? These things have no feeling of either game or sacrifice. They are about openly sharing and receiving. You will know you’re in the right place when you begin to feel your horizons open up, or rather when you notice how open they already are. If you open up and feel fear, give the fear a voice. It is fair to say that there are few circumstances on this planet that should result in your feeling prolonged fear. Most, however, would say the same thing about pleasure. The choice is yours.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
You are only limited by your beliefs, and this is not an easy thing to live with. We know it’s true, and we’ve all seen it work: believe in yourself and suddenly something is possible. Find your confidence and suddenly the world opens up. Feel beautiful rather than try to look beautiful and you get exactly the date you want. The problem is that beliefs and mental patterns have a way of being intractable, particularly beliefs about yourself. In your case they are closely intertwined with the beliefs, values and ideas of others: and this can extend to a very wide scale. Over the next few weeks, here is what may seem to happen: The world is suddenly changing its ways and catching up with what you’ve been thinking and feeling all along. You get a glimpse of how easy life is when people stop resisting and start cooperating. In fact, the opening is happening within you. This is an important distinction to make because if “the world” subsequently seems to shut down, which it does on a fairly regular basis, the opening within you will still be open. And despite appearances, “the world” will be every bit as accessible to you. I say this recognizing that it’s usually not easy to take responsibility for transcending your own limits from the inside out. You’re about to show the rest of us how it’s done.

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