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March 20 update

Aries (March 20-April 19)

As people and situations disappear off the radar, you might ask where they are going. And while you are asking, I suggest you take their fading out as an opportunity to simplify your life. You have good reason to do so, namely that it will provide you with opportunity to focus on one aspect of your personal goals that will lead you to the most satisfying and moreover authentic success. But herein reside the core issues, of which there are three. There is one dimension of accomplishment that is connected to what you feel you deserve; there is another with how high you set your goals; and another connected to how much discipline you can muster. You need to work on all three aspects of yourself at once. There is one additional challenge—your most meaningful objective or goal may, at the moment, be mixed in with much other activity that obscures it. So the first thing you must focus on is discernment, and part of that is about knowing yourself. This is the thing that is given lots of chatter in our world, and many people claim possess have this pearl of great price. This month, I will leave you with a question: assuming you feel you possess deep self-knowledge, how would you know if you did not?

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
Your sign is renowned for its ability to resist, and to persist. Yet there are times you may find yourself resisting what you want the most, and persisting at what you want the least. Events of the next two months (and indeed the next two weeks) seem determined to teach you one thing, which is your true objective in life. Will you notice it when you finally have the information, or the gut feeling? This is question of awareness, but also a question of how you deal with originality. Here is the Paradox of Originality, as I see it. When you finally figure out that you want to do something that’s never been done, you reach a juncture. This is the place where you must decide if you’re capable of doing something that has no preset plan; no precedent; no pre-approval by the world; and no guarantee of success. In a sense, one problem is solved and another few are created. Your commitment level is tested, and you can confront the moment of being in a place without a map—and that includes rich inner territory without any prefabricated guide. The truth is most people would rather run. It’s easier and generally works better, that is, if you don’t care.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)

The angle of your chart that is pumping megavolts of power is the one where you meet the wider world of ideas and of possibilities. It’s the house of going past your mental limits. To get there, you need to do at least two things. One, throw away, dissolve, or step out of the contracts in relationships that do little other than create those limitations. Your life in that case consciously would become about something more than hooking up with that one special person. This supposed goal takes the place of every other goal, which keeps you locked in your past and terrified of the future. The second thing, as far as I can see, is figuring out the extent to which you allow yourself to take action on ideas you suspect other people won’t approve of. As in most matters, you will be coming at this from two distinct viewpoints: for example, one that wants to blaze out and be absolutely yourself; and another that will want no part of anything like that. Please don’t make the mistake of spending more time fighting yourself than you do expressing yourself. Remember that just because something is acceptable to others does not mean it’s not worth your time. Just because part of you rejects an idea does not mean it’s the wrong for you.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
If I am not mistaken, the whole concept of making deals probably revolts you. It’s not that you don’t like success; it’s that you don’t like thinking of it in terms of a hustle or a game where one person wins and another person loses. And it’s likely to be even more irritating that so many people walk around with such an idea of success—that it implies failure by someone else, or anything other than a situation where everyone benefits. A lot of people do in fact lose in these situations, and plenty more cheat to get a piece of the action, and this does in fact hurt people. And most of it is simply an addiction not to wealth or excess, but rather to the feeling of greed. Therefore, your primary objective this month needs to be thinking some other way. There are in truth many other ways available to us. What you may discover, as you experiment with them, is not so much a distrust of win/lose situations, but rather a distrust of situations where you come out ahead at all—and the time has come to leave this particular worldview in the recycling heap of your psychic history. To accomplish this, note that you don’t have to do things a lot differently, only a little differently. And this is not about being different—it’s about being who you are.

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