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Aquarius (January 20-February 19)

You are the last person who would want to exist in a state of isolation from the world—and in some respects this seems to be happening to you. Yet in truth you are at the beginning of a process of inner confrontation that will free you from specifically what has kept you trapped in your own world, away from contact with the very people you crave. In a fairly simple statement, if you divide yourself, you cannot make contact with others; or if you do, it will happen in a fragmented way. Your journey now is about dismantling inner psychic structures and partitions that have literally divided you from yourself. Many factors have influenced this pattern, over a very long period of time: most surely before your parents were born. You may wonder how it’s possible to be influenced by events so far in the past. Here is an analogy that will make it clear how strange this situation is. Obviously, your parents were taught by their parents and they were taught by their parents, and so on. Most people would deny that the transfer of information is so direct; after all, most of us can’t even name all of their great-grandparents (try it and see). Yet their words, feelings, ideas and experiences are conveyed by communication and by our DNA. These are the influences you need to identify. These are the very influences you are confronting right now: invisible, but not invincible.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Some years before she died the morning of October 31, Rockie Gardiner (beloved author of the Rockie Horoscope) penned one of the most touching things I ever read by an astrology writer. Forget about eavesdropping or skimming my e-mail; it felt like was like she was reading from my Akashic records. I must paraphrase, but it went something like this. The distances you are crossing lately have been so vast, there is really no way to see or feel how much progress you’ve been making. It all just seems like one endless stretch across the abyss. In the long and fleeting years since that appeared in print, you have continued to move across space and time, guided by some kind of homing sense. Now, a series of developments this month and in early January indicate a kind of arrival. Surely you feel this: the sense of the ship of your soul drawing a little closer to dry land; the excitement of a plane making its initial descent into a country you’ve read about and wanted to visit all your life. You are still a traveler—you always will be, on the level of your soul. As a Pisces, you are indeed visiting a strange land. But you are here to grow, and you are certainly accomplishing that. You have lived the wisdom that life is not about the destination but rather about the journey, which makes getting there all the more poignant, all the more meaningful.

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