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Scorpio (October 23-November 22)

Many teach basically the same thing: We walk around the world trapped in a maze of our own thoughts and ideas, all of them from the past. The yoga path calls them samskara, or “latent past impressions.” A Course in Miracles has the lesson, “I see only the past,” which reveals basically the same thing. Anyone who has experimented with altered states of mind has probably, at least once, encountered that feeling of our fingertips and our thoughts sticking to everything we perceive. Even the sanitized Christian notion of forgiveness implies that we are hung up on what has happened before, and it’s from this that we must release to be free. If you are wondering what is going on right now, the theme is about liberating yourself from the maze of old ideas and realities. You experimented with this earlier in the year, with some success. Now this mission is back, with a vengeance: But don’t take revenge on what you have done and what has happened to you; gently disentangle yourself. Let go of beliefs that were fully supported by yesterday’s data and facts, and which (if you look carefully) are not supported at all today. Don’t worry about what’s coming; that space will fill up like a new iPod. So quickly in fact that you must exercise discernment about what new programs, files and recordings you want on your system—consciously, one at a time.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)

Your astrology gives you an interesting relationship between the old and the new. Your outer image is clearly that of one who pushes forward. Your inner truth is about someone who is deeply invested in the ways things have always been done. Maintaining this tension feels like serving two masters. For a long time you have tried to push into the future—that of your ideas, words and community—without being able to do very much about the values that have kept you trapped in a bubble of the past. We can’t change the past, but we can change our interpretation of it. Part of how we do that is by looking deeper. Part of how we do this is by looking at what matters most to us most in the present, and making our investment here and now. You are likely to make a discovery this month, one you’ve been working up to for a while, which has you pouring your energy and resources into something that has great meaning now. You will recognize it because it has lasting value from antiquity, and it’s subject to the kinds of re-visioning that you do so well and with such feeling. In other words, the activity or idea most vital to you now also makes room for a future that you cannot see. Like many of us, you will have to move some debris out of the way to make room for what is coming, but as you are no doubt feeling, that effort is well worth your energy and time.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

There are those times when one’s life changes (and I mean really changes) in the course of a month, and this may well be one of them. Sometimes that change involves outer events and others when progress is precipitated by an inner shift that comes “out of nowhere.” I don’t mean an epiphany but rather a complete reorientation of your perspective, which makes it impossible to see or experience the world like you did in the past. We may wonder why these moments don’t come sooner, or how we can induce them when we feel we need them. Some say the changes happen when it’s time; astrology suggests that we live in two worlds at once, and when certain transits occur (another way of saying “it’s time”) a bridge is built between these worlds—and this is what is happening now. There are facts about yourself that it’s been easier to deny. Now it’s easier to make friends with them, and to admit their reality and their impact. Once you do that, you realize you are someone different than you thought you were. You don’t become different; rather, you recognize that you changed a long time ago, and your awareness is finally catching up with that progress. That is the shape and size of things now; but I am understating the case by about tenfold so as not to frighten the faint of heart—not you, of course.

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