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Virgo (August 23-September 22)

It’s time to get the ship out of relationship. Typically, we drag around an iron hull full of garbage when we relate to others: expectations, supposed needs, unstated desires, issues with language, stereotypes and countless things that need to be melted into something useful. For you, these issues do nothing but suppress your ability to be spontaneous; to be creative; simply put, to have fun. If you feel like you have sexual hang-ups of any variety, you need to look no further than this theme to find out what they are about. It is true, as you have so often divined, that this story is old; it goes back a long way; and those with a strong Virgo signature in their charts were often the kids who were forced to be adults before they had a chance to be young. At the time, this was held as a virtue; the adults appeared to respect you because you were so “grown up,” but you were unwittingly deprived of many opportunities to be young when you really were young. As an adult, one common manifestation is taking an excessively serious, at times even formal, approach to relating others. Folks are folks, no matter how much money they make, no matter how hot their ass is, no matter how famous they are, and no matter how much they remind you of someone from your past. At a certain point you must crawl from the wreckage of history and into the adventure of the day.

Libra (September 22-October 23)

Where do you live, and why do you live there? Do you feel safe and nourished? Can you, in particular, stretch into any moments of feeling perfect safety based on where you are on the planet? I suggest you monitor this theme carefully for the next month or two. Play a mindfulness game with yourself. Start with your emotions; notice when you feel safe in the psychic sense. Who inspires this feeling, rather than something else? Next, do you feel safe within the passage of time? Do you feel safer thinking about the past, the present or the future? Do you cling to tradition, ignore it, or consciously work to evolve it? Next: your environment. Do you feel safe walking down your own street? Do you feel safe in your home? In your room? Last query: What did your family teach you about trust? I suggest you go over all the angles here: Are men dangerous or supportive? Are women honest and fair, or are they some shade of manipulative? Are people trying to steal from you, or help you? Do they keep their commitments or break them? These queries are going to provide you with a lot of data. Coupled with the transits you are exploring this month, your environment will too. You may decide you need to make some adjustments. If so, then soon is the time.

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