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Horoscopes: December 2008


Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:47 pm
Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)
  • Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)

Aries (March 20-April 19)

Leadership, when attained, often arrives with what seems like a test. It may be designed by the cosmos as such; it may be that there is an “equal and opposite reaction” taking place somewhere, and this is the result. What seems like a crisis (from a dense level of perception) is also accessible as a reorganization and opportunity (from a more expanded perspective). Change brings change. This comes in many forms, and it now appears to be arriving in particularly large measures. To me, the astrology suggests that whatever may be developing, you not lose sight of your objectives, your intentions and what are commonly called goals: the big ones; the dearly held ones. Look at any situation and ask how you can use it as an opening. It is true that you are encountering forces beyond your control and are suddenly playing in another league. It’s true that the practical matters you are encountering have little to do with the visions you were holding out for yourself so recently, and for so long. This is a crucial point as anything comes to fruition; once you get to the place where practical concerns dominate, keep sight of your vision, your meaning, your truth—no matter what anyone else says or does.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)

There seems to come a point in everyone’s spiritual development when they get a handle on a deeper truth, and then have to make it known to the world. A new dimension of reality is making itself accessible to you, and it may be overwhelming. It’s shaking up all your reality boxes, and drawing you into new possibilities like falling into a vortex. I have a lot of Taurus friends—most of them agree, they need the action, they need the shift in energy and the reshuffling of reality. Things have been too much the same for way too long, despite many opportunities to make progress. The pull you are now experiencing transcends anything familiar; it’s more powerful than anything close to what you’ve known in the past. I suggest, however, that to the extent you consider this a spiritual event, you be modest about it. A new version of the truth is making itself known to you. Yet it’s not concepts that count now, but rather, it is the results of your actions, and how your beliefs transpose directly into choices. You may feel like you’re deluding yourself in terms of what you feel like you can accomplish, even with help. Remember, miracles speak louder than words.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
Your primary responsibility to yourself is to avoid power struggles. That may not sound very creative. Yet given both recent and imminent developments in your solar chart, it’s a key skill you need to master. You have come through a long phase wherein you learned, by one method, to meet people you perceived as powerful face-on; you learned that your ideas are as good as their ideas. That one belief has saved you incalculable grief and it is basically still true. However, you are in a new country with new laws and new metaphysics. You need to think strategically; you need to pre-empt any situation wherein you may be compromised or challenged, long in advance. What is different now is that certain people in your life are themselves coming from a different level; they wield the power of structure and establishment, more or less justly. In any transaction where you feel like the weaker party, look at the contract; look at the by-laws; consciously examine any agreements that you have. Everyone has to play by the rules; therefore, know the guidelines, and enter any situation having already complied with the basics. There will be times when it’s appropriate to go directly to the human level, to seek assistance or acknowledgement; just know when you’re doing it.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
You have long sought more direct contact in your encounters with others. You have wanted relationships that did something other than dance around the point. Soon, you may be wondering how direct is too direct. Meanwhile, it’s crucial that you get accustomed to a new way of life; that you adapt to a new metaphysics of the human dance. Any encounter that matters will require you to make some change to the structure of your beliefs about relationship and about yourself. Most people don’t recognize how rigid these ideas are, those contained within themselves and within in society. You are about to discover how rigid you thought your ideas were, and how flexible they can be. The rules as they exist are generally designed to make sure that nothing (meaning, nobody) new or out of the ordinary gets in. This, in turn, is designed to sustain a model of “self” that counts a living, breathing, pulsing human life as a fixed or static entity, rather than ever-changing and in continuous motion. If you are in an established partnership, you’ll need to become truly honest with yourself about the extent to which this whole setup is true for you. The time has arrived for new concepts that account for change and still preserve some sense of loyalty and commitment; remember that honesty trumps everything—when we don’t let fear do it first.

Leo (July 22-August 23)

You are not somebody with commitment issues; rather, you intuitively understand that your presence means something. Nobody has to tell you that. Yet too often you try to demonstrate this simple fact. I suggest you make up your mind that you have nothing to prove. Once you do that, you will feel your thrust come on, born mainly of trusting yourself. You will feel the profound influence that you wield, particularly in those areas of life where people feel the most helpless: work, their health and dealing with bureaucracy. You understand something about simple wellbeing, mainly because you’ve had to work so hard to feel that the world is here to support you. For the next year or so—and for sure, during the next few months—expect some kind of grand reorganization to dominate your awareness. Recognize that change is happening, and is happening around you. There are corresponding changes within your psyche; there are old ideas that you’re dragging around that are simply no longer helpful and are begging to be revised, reconsidered or removed entirely. It is not easy being born under a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius) these days. It is like a giant cosmic wedge is being driven into the world, threatening every known structure or establishment, even down to its very existence. You are one of the people on the design team for the new reality. You must be dauntless and flexible, in equal measure.

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