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Horoscopes: Capricorn



You're starting to make contact with your own desire. By that I mean you're removing the obstacles between what you want and admitting what you want. You might think this is too simple to be effective, but all the complexity—the wrangling over appropriateness and guilt and your fear of personal anarchy if you let go of your precious self-control, even just a little—is all a distraction. Sooner or later, you will admit to what you want, which is another way of saying you'll admit to who you are. Then what, exactly, is the fuss? I would remind you that you no longer have to prove that you're a good girl or good boy. You no longer have to impress your parents or your teachers. Who you are is in fact none of their business, no matter what they may have convinced you. This extends to partners, friends and people in your community whom you think you have to impress as morally upright. Even if you dispense with all of this mental mishegoss, there's one last point to consider: your need to feel safe. Under your current astrology, clinging to security is the last thing that will give you a sense of confidence. Dancing with the possibilities, with your own potential, and the current chaos of the world will, however, do wonders for you.


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