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SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)
Does it have to be that in every arrangement someone comes out ahead and someone comes out behind? Yes, if you consider no other possibilities, or if you’re content to live in a world where this is the first and only rule. You see alternatives to this, but I suggest you consider the reasons why they are less than appealing. Look carefully at the deeply rooted notion of competition, and consider why you retain any vestige of it in your heart. One possible reason for it is a sense of entitlement. I recognize that in a capitalist society we are all seemingly inbred with this attribute, but it’s a good idea to take out that part and put it on the workbench. Is it really sustainable? Does it even work? Then there is the way that competing makes us feel alive, but this is a substitute for actual achievement, which tends to stand apart from all competition. Finally, there is personal insecurity, which we are taught to compensate for by figuring out how to tell ourselves we’re better than others. This does little other than reinforce the belief that we are somehow less; that we are undeserving of the most basic attributes of existence rather than “being the best.” You don’t need to be the best: You need to be you—which, fortunately, you already are.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 22)
Part of why you’ve been living in a state of potential more so than a place of accomplishment involves seeing the larger implications of your ideas, your efforts and your dedication to a healing process. The most noticeable results will come during the next year or so, but you’ve now got a chance to take a concrete step toward something you recognize. You need to think about whatever it is you’re doing as having implications further from home. It’s not a stretch to say there is clearly an international angle that opens up later this month; or it will open if you knock on that particular door. This may involve a specific person, location, or point of interaction, rather than a general idea or approach, though in any event something that opens up around the time of the Leo New Moon on the 20th. It may seem odd or overly restricted at first; your idea may seem to be reduced down to a fragment of its original form. Think of it as a formula: Reduce before you enlarge. Get a small part of the process right before you move on to reproducing it in a larger way. Keep track of your seed idea, and remind yourself again and again what it is. An idea is something at the essence of one’s motivation or effort; as you experiment, you will have different notions of what it is. They all have something in common.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)
You have returned as far back to the beginning of a process as you can; you are poised at a point of origin. Stay there for a while; look for the thought that got you started, the idea that reminded you that you could renew your entire existence, and focus on that idea. Notice your impulse to evolve and grow, notice your willingness to change and more than anything feel the passion that is swimming at the center of all of this. As you go through this, be mindful of the values that guide your life from day to day, in ordinary consciousness. Be aware of your routines, the ways you respond to yourself and to others; notice how you feel every time you handle money. Notice what you are and are not willing to invest in, particularly as it relates to yourself. You are dealing with two distinct layers of who you are. One is deep at your core. The second involves a layer where everything is or was imposed on you. Your core layer is far stronger, more informative, and more likely to get results, but you have to work with the process of learning and teaching in the mundane sense, because so much of your energy is trapped in what I will call unquestioned values. You tend to assume things must be a certain way, in denial of another property, something so much more potent and authentic. But so much more is possible.

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