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LEO (July 22-August 23)
Maintain your focus clear through the end of your current agenda. Don’t let yourself be distracted, even if you get the feeling you have to be overly narrow in your approach. Set aside everything unnecessary, or that does not support this single goal that you know is dear to you. The piece where actual progress occurs happens after you feel and confront the resistance to the very progress you are trying to make. That resistance may feel like doubt; it may feel like you’re making the wrong sacrifice of certain other goals; you may be questioning whether you’re approaching your objective with your usual positive attitude. There is a double ending here: By practicing a kind of overfocus (that by the way is a therapy term used to describe people who take things a bit to seriously) you pass through a narrow mental opening and come out in a different place with a new goal. I suggest you be both sensitive to this transition and welcoming when it occurs. This is a fairly typical step in any creative process. The time spent on the prior activity is never wasted; the information you are gaining right now is precious; the skills you are acquiring will reincarnate with you from goal to goal. Keep your focus—whether what you’re planning seems like it will take days, months, or years.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)
You are entering the final push in a process that has taken you a couple of years to set into motion, and to establish the validity of in your own mind. You may need to check your method and infuse a new idea or two. In fact, by the time you’ve moved on into the future, you will have already done so: that is what constitutes moving on. As usual, the idea or seed of action can come from you, or it can come from circumstances around you. You currently are in possession of the idea. This could even be called original. The meaningful things is that it comes from inside you. I cannot overemphasize how important this is, particularly since you are surrounded by so many people who are extremely powerful in their innovations, concepts and creative talent. The value is to your self-respect, which is your key to any future collaboration. You seek stability, but that is not really the answer; what I suggest you seek is a sense of movement and innovation that is self-activating and has sufficient momentum to match the energy of what enters your awareness from outside. You’ve yet to learn that you are as brilliant as the most talented and ingenious people in your life. Events this month may not prove the point, but they will give you sufficient clues to do so yourself.

LIBRA (September 22-October 23)
The privilege of exploring a creative passion is countered by the necessary risk that you will encounter shadow psychic material. This is the vital difference between creative process and a hobby. Creative process turns shadow material to fuel; art would go nowhere without pain, doubt, and deep self-reflection. The reward is that you get to process these emotions, on the spot, into beauty. This is the part not to doubt, and the part where trust is essential: Stick to the process and let yourself be free of any concerns about the potential results. From the look of your charts, you won’t be able to see those results for what they are for a while—they will slowly pour out over the next two to four seasons. The simple key to this process is embracing points of darkness rather than avoiding them. By doing this you will see what they are made of; but the most significant change that will occur is that the fixed mental patterns that are the single most significant block to your free expression of your ideas, your sexuality, and, in truth, your sense of personal identity. Exploration of the kind I’ve described above is designed to do one thing mainly, which is to teach you the kind of spontaneity without which true self-expression verges on the impossible.

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