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Horoscopes: Aries



Aries (March 20-April 19)

You're not through finding yourself, though you're less lost than you were at this time last year. You're adapting to the idea that you wake up a slightly different person every day, in a different world every day. This means embracing being less certain, though what you've giving up is a fragile or even false concept of who you are. You now have more space to maneuver, and less need to prove to yourself or anyone who you are. It's through action and interaction, live and in real time, that you will make your most significant discoveries. Life is not a matter of theory that you or the world must live up to; rather, your experience will have a way of hinting at who and what are real and relevant to you. It's then up to you to extract the potential from all of this, and create something for yourself. You may still be inclined to ask for permission from others; you may still think you need the approval of authority figures. You may still think there's a matter of morality involved, especially if someone is trying to impose their morals on your choices. There is no argument to have. It can be challenging to grasp that merely existing sends a stronger message about your intentions than anything you might say.

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