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Horoscopes: Aquarius



This month comes in two distinct phases—before and after the Full Moon of October 16. Rather than arrive at phase two and wonder what you were so worked up about, I suggest you pace yourself and turn your squelch knob up to about eight. (Squelch is the thing on a two-way radio that suppresses background noise but allows through strong signals). There is plenty distracting you in your immediate environment, yet despite this you must persist in weaving your vision for the future. You have the added challenge of being motivated by something other than fear. It may well seem that not wanting things to go badly is a more powerful driving force than wanting them to go well. This could be especially true if you don't quite have a clear notion of what "well" would be. And this is why you will benefit from focusing specifically on that idea. To do this you will need to rise above the fray of daily activity and get your mind to a clear place. I recommend altitude: a tall building, a mountaintop, a cliff side with a view, a bridge you love. Stay there long enough to take in the perspective and allow it to make an impression on you, so that you think different thoughts. You will be tapping into your "alt mind," which knows more than your regular one.

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