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Health Buzz: Mending with Meditation



Cary Bayer has been enjoying the benefits of transcendental meditation for over 20 years, and he offers guidance to others as a part of his methodology as a life coach. Meditation can loosen long-held stresses and provide types of rest and rejuvenation that cannot be gained from sleep or relaxation alone. Bayer explains that the instinctive and unforced practice of transcendental meditation—rather than the deliberate mind-clearing that many people equate with Buddhist meditation—allows a person to synchronize the different strata of the brain. Allowing this kind of integrated coordination gives the mind an opportunity to behave and function in a way that it can’t when burdened with stress, tension, and fatigue. “The mind wants to move,” Bayer says, “It is the nature of the mind to move.” If we relinquish control, moving with the mind instead of against it, we can gravitate to a truer, more natural way of being. By unfolding the mind/brain’s greater potential through transcendental meditation, the disordered randomness of our thoughts (encouraged by our outward-looking tendencies and the general chaos of our external environment) can be brought together in a specialized and coherent way. Synchrony with (and within) the mind enables clearer comprehension and discrimination, “suggesting a stronger left brain, a stronger right brain, and a stronger integration between the two.” Just as light can be used to cure vision, for example, meditative practice can be used to quell anxiety or insomnia, facilitate smooth functioning of the nervous system, lower systolic blood pressure, combat cardiovascular disease, and lift years from an aging body.

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