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In these times of Earth changes, we all need to be conscious about water while still honoring our desire to have magnificent gardens! We began our relationship in a garden, drawn together by our deep love of Earth, and continue to shine each year in the company of each other and nature.

Now in its 15th year of operation, Green Irrigation is dedicated to bringing streamlined, automatic watering systems to support the beauty and growth of gardens throughout the Hudson Valley. Our full-coverage systems are sensitive to the individual needs of trees and plants. We work with efficiency and cleanliness throughout a low impact installation process. Irrigation systems are not “one size fits all”. We pride ourselves on meeting the qualities of each property with symbiotic design.

Our automatic irrigation systems are computer driven and designed to meet the needs of each installation. Each system has a rain-sensor, which recognizes the saturation of your property and allows the water to run only when needed. The water meets the green via micro-sprayers and drip-lines, arranged for efficient water use and minimal visual impact. Our maintenance contracts promote the longevity of your system indefinitely! Whether your garden has been growing for years, or is a project still in the dreaming stage, we will create an irrigation system that fits it beautifully.

Estimates are free, so introduce us to your gardens! Call Erin and Victor McWind at (845) 810-2711, and check us out on the web at

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