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Green Buses


Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:48 pm

i stood in the draft board

i was

98 lbs
pigtailed, silver fish ear ringed
gold lame’ coat

then i was naked

all those crew cut guys yelling
“sweetheart! hey sweetheart!
—how do people like him survive ??”

but i was naked
& my dick was average
your typical run of the mill medium sized Jewish dick

the sergeant
sat looking at my records
his forehead pushed up
like a washboard road

“what do you do for a living?”
“imma jazz poet”
“where doya work?”
“greenwich village”
“section 10—GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!”

i was the second person rejected from
military service that day,

the first person rejected down at section 10
was my old grade school buddy, konrad nubler
who i wasn’t supposed to hang out with back then
because i was Jewish & his family was from germany

but he was my first friend
& i showed him my circumcision
& he taught me how to eat bacon

later he wrote a thesis on what he called
nazi-americanism &
was promptly booted from school

konnie was dressed in a sandra dee skirt
an annette funicello hairdo
& a joan crawford dinner jacket

i had pig tails
gold lame’ coat
silver fish ear rings

we sat there
the 2 of us
down in section 10

the first 2 rejectees that yr
in the state

talking up the old times

while the boys howled & hooted “sweetheart! sweetheart!!”
on the way to the green buses

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