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Great Barrington Portrait Pop-Up 2023

On December 11, Chronogram held a pop-up portrait shoot at the Carrie Chen Gallery in Great Barrington. Proud citizens responded to the call and braved a snowy afternoon to be photographed by David McIntyre. Thanks to everyone who showed up and to Carrie Chen and the staff of the Carrie Chen Gallery for hosting us. A special shout-out to longtime reader Valerie Fanarjian, who reminded us of the letter she wrote 20 years ago, complaining that change in the magazine’s size (in 1999, Chronogram nearly doubled in size to its current behemoth-like stature) meant that it no longer fit on the back of her toilet. Val, our continued apologies.
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David McIntyre
Carrie Chen, owner of Carrie Chen Gallery and the Barrington
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