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Geoffrey Good combines technical mastery with the spirit of an iconoclast. His jewelry is meticulously crafted with an auteur’s aesthetic. In each piece, disparate forces are paired to redefine beauty and sensuality. Natural harmonies are revealed by innovative genius, and extraordinary materials are transformed into collectible pieces of fine art that can be both cherished and worn. The true beauty in his art arises from the unusual and unexpected. This is spirited, one-of-a-kind jewelry masterfully crafted from rare hand-cut gemstones, superior precious metals, exotic woods and incomparable natural materials.

Geoffrey's work is for a timeless muse: the brilliant, intrepid woman with one foot placed in society and the other on the road less traveled. She is sensual and mysterious, self-assured and wholly cosmopolitan. She is an elegant nomad, who believes that essential art emerges from an intense engagement with nature. Rough yet refined, eclectic yet discerning, her impeccable style reflects her rarified sensibilities. She knows what she wants and how to get it. This is not jewelry for everyone — or just anyone.


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